What Is Jesus Inviting You Into In 2018?

Here at The Contemplative Activist, one of the favorite things we like to ask people is…

What is Jesus inviting you into today?”

Over the past three years, Sandy & I have been honored to participate with so many people around the USA and Canada who have responded to Jesus’ invitation to being trained in the ancient ministry of Christ-centered spiritual direction. In 2017, we celebrated with twenty-two men and women who completed their two-year certification in spiritual direction. Presently, we have eight Year-Two students in Kansas City who will be finishing up their studies in May, and twenty-eight students in our three Year One cohorts in Boise, Wichita & Minneapolis.

For those who might not be familiar with Christ-centered spiritual direction and the growing importance of this ministry, you can read more here.

So…back to our question…

What is Jesus inviting you into in 2018?

Could it be that it’s time for you to seriously consider your next step in ministry training and look into the amazing work that can be done through the tools of soul care found within the disciplines of spiritual direction?


Right now, we’re looking at several cities where a Year-One training cohort might develop for the 2018-19 school year. Now is the time to prayerfully consider being a part of one of those cohorts. We encourage you, as you come to the end of 2017, to prayerfully discern if this step just might be the work Jesus is inviting you to. Click here for all the details!

And drop us an email if you’d like to stay in touch for more information as it becomes available!

In His service,

Marty & Sandy Boller

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