Step 5: Giving Away All God Is Giving You

As you continue your journey into Christ-centered 3-C contemplative activism, we suggest you prayerfully consider Step Five: training in the ancient traditions of spiritual direction. What might your life look like if you were a part of a group of others in your church or in your community operating in the fine art of spiritual direction? Just think what that might do in helping to expand the ministry of the Kingdom of God throughout your city!


The Sustainable Faith School of Spiritual Direction is now growing at a phenomenal rate! What was once a small equipping ministry in Cincinnati designed for raising up a handful of church leaders in spiritual direction has now become a multi-dimensional, cross-denominational ministry that rewards its two-year graduates with a certificate reflecting that the student has met the demanding requirements of most spiritual direction professional networks worldwide. One recent report has deemed Sustainable Faith as “the largest spiritual direction training group in North America!”



We invite you to prayerfully consider joining us for a Sustainable Faith Year-One Training Cohort in Spiritual Direction. A year-one experience offers participants an immersive, integrated and robust introduction to the ministry of spiritual direction. Through the combined experience of reading superb literature, engaging in individual and group exercises, paying close attention to one’s life, practicing spiritual disciplines, receiving spiritual direction, and offering direction – all in a communal setting – students move toward competency as spiritual directors.


Watch a short video that describes the primary role of a spiritual director.

Read more about five gifts a person received from spiritual direction.

Read more about what qualities make up a great spiritual director.

Read a very convincing article, “Why We Need Spiritual Direction More Than Ever.”



The 2017-18 School Year is now underway, with Year One Cohorts in Boise, ID, Wichita, KS, and Minneapolis, MN. Are you interested in bringing a Year One training in Spiritual Direction to your city? We are already receiving requests for the 2018-19 school year! Now you can become a “feet-on-the-ground-recruiter” for Sustainable Faith and join us in getting the word out in your area. If you help us recruit a minimum of eight students in your area, you get up to $500 off your Year One tuition! WOW!  Drop us an email! We’d love to hear from you and work with you on a strategy of training up Christ-centered spiritual directors in your area!

Since 2008, the Schools of Sustainable Faith have established first and second year Spiritual Direction training groups (cohorts) in numerous North American cities, and now, in Europe! Our cohorts are open to pastors, church leaders and laypeople, alike, and are geared to serve not just one denomination or church tradition, but the larger body of Christ. The ministries of Sustainable Faith continue to grow, and today, we are now the largest spiritual direction training group in North America! Our training is Christocentric and guides people to embrace the contemplative life, helps us honor sabbath and observe life-giving rhythms, draws us toward healthy, embodied spiritual practices, nurtures self-awareness and vocational clarity, and ultimately, launches Kingdom enterprises.

Our Year One objectives…

  • grow in your own love for and devotion to God
  • grow in your experience of God’s love for you
  • grow in discerning the movement of the Holy Spirit
  • develop superb listening skills at the cognitive, affective, and non-verbal levels
  • understand basics of body language/non-verbal communication
  • become acquainted with the art & practice of spiritual direction through great literature
  • cultivate a personalized definition and practice of spiritual direction
  • become familiar with the Enneagram as a tool for personal self–understanding and spiritual growth
  • develop a set of basic questions for framing & guiding spiritually-directed conversations
  • become a spiritual director who is confident in God and growing in competency with people

banner_esdaThe Schools of Sustainable Faith are honored to be amongst the fine schools of spiritual direction recommended by ESDA (Evangelical Spiritual Directors Association).  Those who complete the requirements of our first and second year training are awarded a certificate reflecting that the student has met the demanding requirements of most spiritual direction professional networks worldwide. Graduates can also apply for membership with ESDA which will serve as a means of certifying your training/fitness as a spiritual director, and add a level of confidence and visibility for the spiritual direction ministry you have in your heart to do.

sustainablefaithlogoHere are the facts…

Our School of Spiritual Direction (Year One) cohort will meet for five 2-day sessions over the course of nine months, meeting all day (Friday and Saturday in most cases) from 9 am-5 pm. A minimum of six to eight students is required to make up a cohort, with twelve being the maximum.

Tuition for Year 1 training for the 2017-18 school year is $2,100. Please note that books, transportation, lodging, and food are not included in your tuition. After your application is approved, you can reserve your spot in the cohort with a $400 non-refundable deposit. Afterward, you can pay the entire tuition, or if you desire a monthly schedule, make a $440 non-refundable deposit and pay the balance in 8 equal automatic (electronic) payment payments of $212.50. (Monthly payments must be made electronically) You can begin your registration on-line by filling out an application on the SOSD page:

P1010394 KCYearOne1516 IowaSD201516 2016kc 2

thisyou Are you next? 

Here’s some testimonies on how life-changing this course work can be…

I’ve done some of the training exercises (in spiritual direction) with Marty and Sandy Boller, and as a therapist who has done a lot of research into, as well as published some professional essays on, spirituality and spiritual transformation, I think this is one of the most transformative kinds of ministry people can participate in and lead others in.

This truly has been nothing less than totally transformational for me!  I see God different and can accept how much He truly loves me.  My prayer life has changed to the point that I get lost in it and know that I am better at loving God instead of looking to see how He loves me.

This has increased my capacity for self-awareness and self-compassion, while reinforcing my sense of my own gifts, talents, abilities and wisdom.

This program has rocked my world in a wonderful way. Thank you for making spiritual direction training accessible!

Marty & Sandy did a great job creating an atmosphere of trust where I felt free to learn, be vulnerable, and put myself “out there.” I’m already looking forward to Year Two.

What an intentional year!  Forming new friendships with members of my cohort; plans for going further in Year Two training; casting vision for networking and professional growth; laughter, tears, and growing closer to our Amazing Father God, Savior Christ, and Holy Spirit.

This has been such an encouragement for me! Marty and Sandy have truly been difference-makers in my life!

I have been involved in men’s ministry for over 15 years. After 9 months of training I have been given a number of new tools that I have already been able to use. The best part is to see God taking men deeper in relationship with Him.  I personally have become a better listener and facilitator of what God is wanting to do in these men’s lives.

This year has changed my life! I’m so thankful for Marty & Sandy. They are excellent teachers/coaches and I am excited to travel forward with them in Year Two.

Life transforming. So thankful for all the pieces of this training. Thank you. Thank you. And thank You, Lord.

So what might it look like when you start to slow down with Jesus, learning to walk at Godspeed instead of ours? As we see it, the ministry potential is explosive. Watch this one man’s amazing story of reformation as he transitioned from an Americanized approach to church life to a slower, more intentional way of doing ministry…

godspeed Click here!

So…how are YOU experiencing God today?


2 thoughts on “Step 5: Giving Away All God Is Giving You

  1. I would like to know if this is an online course or just confined to your local area. And the cost?
    I am located in South Carolina
    Thank you


    1. Hey Gina. Sustainable Faith training is offered only in assembled cohorts, not on-line. One of the most important parts of training in SD is the face-to-face connections. SF offers training all over the USA. The best advice is to visit There you will find all the details about cost & locations. Be sure to drop them an email and let them know you are interested in something in your area…OK? BLESSINGS! Stay in touch!


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