A Journey Into 3-C Christian Discipleship. Twelve Characteristics of a Godly Life.


So how does one define the most important characteristics of the Christian life?

What is Christian discipleship and how does a person actually achieve it?

Is a godly life attained through the dedicated practice of on-going spiritual disciplines or is it one that is given freely by God to those who simply seek it?   

Hmm. Have you ever given much thought to these types of questions?

If you hang around pastors and church leaders very long, it’s inevitable that the subject of Christian discipleship will come up…especially if you are with gut-honest men and women who will face the fact that most of our Americanized-churches today are simply not very successful in developing true disciples of Christ; followers of Jesus who are living, to the best of their ability, an authentic Christian faith we find portrayed throughout the New Testament.

Sadly, over the last few decades, it seems that true Christian discipleship has been reduced, re-defined, and re-shaped using criteria that lies far outside the boundaries of Christ Himself. Speaking as a pastor in the American church for over thirty years, it’s my humble opinion that a good portion of those who call themselves Christians today, are defining that term using components that are quite foreign to what the New Testament actually teaches!


Over a thirty-six week period, we invite you to take a deeper look into twelve characteristics of a godly life. In other words, we’ll take a journey into the realm of 3-C Christ-centered discipleship.

communion with Christ.

community with others.

commission into our world.

This blog series is set up so you can work through our twelve discipleship themes as an individual or as a group, and as we see it, this will be a tool in helping you and others in your circle of influence to walk closer to the Master, embracing His call to 3-C contemplative activism. Each blog will include questions to ponder and discuss! Join us!

Outside of a few introductory blogs scattered throughout the series, we’ll divide our thoughts into three 12-week categories:

Section 1 – The Spiritual Characteristics of a Godly Life. (39 blogs)

Being A Believer

Being Empowered

Being Victorious

Being a Warrior

Section 2 – The Personal Characteristics of a Godly Life. (37 blogs)

Being Physically Pure

Being Love Motivated

Being Extremely Valued

Being Christ-Actualized

Section 3 – The Lifestyle Characteristics of a Godly Life. (38 blogs)

Having a Servant’s Heart

Serving Christ in the Workplace

Trusting God’s Provision

Living Purposefully

I’m certain that the content of our discussions will not be comprehensive by any means, but at least it will get us started, and the conversation engaged. So if you’re ready, grab a Bible, a pad of paper, a pen, and a quiet spot on the floor where you can sit in God’s presence, pondering and praying alongside the Holy Spirit over the conversations we will have. Might I suggest you even pull together a group of folks to walk through the material as a group! I look forward to our time together and I invite your lively participation.

Click here to begin your journey with Section 1!

Click here to see a complete list of Scriptures used in this series. As you go through this blog series, we suggest that you use the ancient tool of Lectio Divina as you approach each scriptural text we give you in this blog. Lectio Divina is a slow, intentional reading of the Holy Scriptures. Take your time as you ponder the text slowly, allowing the Holy Spirit to illuminate God’s Word for you as you read. Ask the Master as you read, “Jesus, what in this passage do I need to hear today?”

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