To Lead Or Not To Lead?

A 12-Blog Series on Redefining the Role of a Christian Worker.

Over the last 50 years, the Americanized Church seems enamored with developing successful ‘leadership’ in our churches. The line of thought is this. If the church is to be successful in our mission to bring the Gospel to a lost and dying world, we must have top-quality ‘leaders’ who are able to ‘lead’ the cause of Christ. My former co-worker in Promise Keepers, Glenn Wagner, states in his excellent book, Escape from Church Inc., that the church has, unfortunately, taken most of our cues on ‘leadership’ from the corporate world of America, replicating the successful leadership formulas that have worked well in our consumer-driven society. As I see it, my friends, something needs to change. Radical change in the way we define successful Christian leadership. And the question in the American church today should not be, ‘Do we need leadership?’ but rather, ‘What kind of leaders is God asking men and women to be?

This 12-session blog series is my attempt to engage you in the conversation of where that change just might begin. Join us!


Below, you will find a complete list of all 12 blogs in our series. We suggest you bookmark this To Lead Or Not To Lead home page for ease of use. Enjoy!

Session 1              Change. Change. Change.

Session 2              This Outline Just Won’t Do.

Session 3              Maturity and Qualifications for Leadership. Let’s Begin.

Session 4              The 20 Top Qualifiers for Successful Christian Leadership in America.

Session 5              Words. Words. Words.

Session 6              Playing By the Numbers.

Session 7              Not The Most Impressive Numbers.

Session 8              Leadership Qualifications? What’s the Book Say? Part I.

Session 9              Leadership Qualifications? What’s the Book Say? Part II.

Session 10             If Not ‘Leadership’, Than What?

Session 11             It’s All About Love. Part I.

Session 12             It’s All About Love. Part II.