Congrats to Our Amazing 22 Graduates in Spiritual Direction!

Karen Bartlett, Sarah Cook, Dianne Warner, Jennie Altstadt, Chandelle Claassen, Barb Toft.

Leslie Leavenworth, Melissa Scarrow, Karen Kerns, Bill Daylong, Ann Donat, Rod Dugan.

Adam Arn, Jo Ellen Gray, Susan Root, Jim Leonard, Laurie Jensen, Suzanne Larson, Nancy Booth, Anne Kent, Rebecca Anderson, Lisa Mulcahy.

What an amazing group of 22 individuals!

Three locations: Kansas City, Central Iowa, & Milwaukee.

Together, we journeyed through two years of training, 10 weekend modules, and a whole bunch of hours spent reading about, discussing, and more importantly, practicing the fine art of spiritual direction.

Sandy & I are so proud of our first graduating class in Spiritual Direction! This class of 2017, all 22 members, have accomplished so much, but as we see it, the best is yet to come. Now, these 22 men and women, Christ-followers united for the common cause of the Kingdom, are going out into their circles of influence, each equipped and ready to give away all the wonderful gifts God has placed in their lives! You see, a Christ-centered spiritual director is a powerful life-giving tool in the hands of the Master. Caring for souls, one person at a time, a well-trained spiritual director can be used in your life to assist you in your walk with Jesus. Not a coach, not a counselor or therapist, but simply a spiritual companion who will come alongside you, holding space open for you and God to meet.

In the days ahead, you’ll see many of these folks listed on our Sustainable Faith/Heartland Network page, making their services in spiritual direction available to you. Sandy & I heartily recommend them as ones you can trust and depend upon in your journey with Jesus!

thisyou Are you next? If you’d like to find out more about the amazing ministry of spiritual direction and how you might be trained and equipped in this ancient discipline, check out the details by clicking here.

Congrats, once again, to our 22 grads with their two-year certification from the Sustainable Faith School of Spiritual Direction!

Marty & Sandy Boller, trainers

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