125,000 Hits! Thank You!


My dear friends…

In January 2010, I posted my very first As I See It blog on my new website www.pastorboller.com. That was only nine short years ago, and just this week our website, now entitled The Contemplative Activist, had its 125,000th hit!


Wow! The only words I can find are…


It’s you, my faithful reader, who just keeps coming back on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays to peruse my blog posts, and it’s you who have spread the word to others.


If you’re new to The Contemplative Activist, may I invite you to peruse the website and get a taste for what we do? And if you enjoy what you find, please share our site with others. It’s this grassroots approach to ministry that has allowed us to stay on course the last nine years, and we look forward to more interaction with you, my dear reader, in the months and years ahead!

For the greater glory of God…


Marty Boller

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