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Since January, 2010, we’ve been publishing our blog, “As I See It” on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. For seven years now, folks like you have been visiting our site, and just recently we topped the 75,000 hit mark! Thank you, dear readers…we are honored, indeed. If you’d like to join with over 1,900 other friends of The Contemplative Activist website who are subscribed to our free blog, simply go over to the side column and click on the Follow Blog via Email icon and you’ll be all set to go.

Our Current Blog Series:

DiscipleshipLogoWe invite you to join us for a whole new blog series: A Journey Into 3-C Christian Discipleship: Twelve Characteristics of a Godly Life.

Over a thirty-six week period (September 2016 through June 2017), we invite you to take a deeper look into twelve characteristics of a godly life. In other words, we’ll take a journey into the realm of 3-C Christ-centered discipleship. This blog series (published every Monday, Wednesday & Friday) is set up so you can work through our twelve discipleship themes as an individual or as a group, and as we see it, this will be a tool in helping you and others in your circle of influence to walk closer to the Master, embracing His call to contemplative activism. Each blog will include questions to ponder and discuss! Join us!  Click here for more info!

Coming in June…


Beginning on Wednesday, June 7th, we’re going to re-blog with you, my dear readers, through the late Brennan Manning’s classic, Abba’s Child, offering up a few choice tidbits that just might help you benefit from the book as much as I have. We call this blog series, The Gospel of Grace: Exploring the Good News of God’s Unconditional Love & Acceptance. I hope you will plan to join us! Click here for more details!

Coming in August…


Glenn Wagner, states in his excellent book, Escape from Church Inc., that the church has, unfortunately, taken most of our cues on ‘leadership’ from the corporate world of America, replicating the successful leadership formulas that have worked well in our consumer-driven society. As I see it, my friends, something needs to change. Radical change in the way we define successful Christian leadership. And the question in the American church today should not be, ‘Do we need leadership?’ but rather, ‘What kind of leaders is God asking men and women to be? This 12-session blog series, To Lead Or Not To Lead? Redefining the Role of a Christian Worker, is my attempt to engage you in the conversation of where that change just might begin. Join us! Click here for more details!

Coming in September…


Join us for a brand-new 26-session blog series, Kalós: Guarding the Precious Treasure. Kalós is a New Testament Greek word which simply means “good.” The apostle Paul, when writing to his young apprentice, Timothy, decided to combine this common adjective, kalós, with a second Greek word, parathéké, a noun which means a deposit or trust committed to one’s charge. As a result, the apostle ends up with one, very powerful phrase…“Guard this kalós (this good work, this beautiful deposit, this precious treasure) placed in your custody by the Holy Spirit who works in us.” (2nd Timothy 1: 14). Join us as we explore kalós, this precious treasure of pastoral ministry that has been deposited into us by the work of the Holy Spirit. Click here for more details!

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Here’s the story behind the beginnings of “As I See It”- the blog.


It was late in October of 2009 when I was awakened early one morning by a very vivid dream. In the dream, I was in my bed and suddenly in the darkness, right above my head and directly outside my bedroom window, an intense light appears. As I focused my eyes on the light, it turned out to be a very angelic-looking being. This angel was pointing to a very large book that was lying closed on a massive church lectern. The book seemed to glow with the same brilliant light that was surrounding the angelic being. At first I wasn’t sure what the book was. While now it seems so obvious that it was a large Bible, my first thought in my dream was maybe it was a ‘book of life’ or some holy book of some sort. The powerful glow coming off the book was quite stunning. As I looked at the book lying closed on the lectern, I heard the angel say just three words…”Open the book.” At that moment, I suddenly woke up and knew that I had just experienced one of the most vivid encounters with the Kingdom of God that I have had in years.

It was also during this time, I discovered a powerful phrase that evangelist Henry Varley used to deeply challenge Dwight Moody back in 1867. Moody, a successful traveling shoe salesman from Chicago, was visiting England, looking to learn from some of the great evangelists of his day (Charles Spurgeon, George Muller and others). Sitting on a park bench outside a massive cathedral in Dublin, Ireland, Varley turned to Moody, and said…

 “Dwight, the world has yet to see what God will do with a man who is fully consecrated to Him.”

As Moody returned to the States on a slow steamship, he struggled with Varley’s statement. As he stood on the deck of the boat as it pulled into the New York City harbor, Moody decided to take Varley’s challenge personally, asking the Lord to empower Him to be “just that man”…a man or woman who is fully consecrated, or set apart, for God’s unique call and purpose in his or her life. In response to that challenge, Moody went on to become a man of God who made a unique difference in his generation.

As I pondered my vivid dream/vision and reflected on how I might respond to Henry Varley’s challenge, I decided that I needed to get a bit more serious (and intentional) with my devotional studies with God and with my strong desire to write as I pondered on God’s Word. Since I needed some accountability in my studies and writings, I thought it best to commit myself to posting my writings regularly via the internet. I was intrigued, at the time, by the popular movie, “Julie & Julia” where one passionate person (in this case, a writer with one big love for Chef Julia Child & her famed French cooking) began blogging on her cooking experiences and found a true niche for herself and her writings. So in January 2010, I ventured out on my own with my “As I See It” blog series here on pastorboller.com. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Thank you to all who’ve taken the ride with me! I hope you’ll continue the journey with us as we trek onward to become Christ-centered 3-C contemplative activists in the midst of one of the busiest, loudest, and seemingly, most hurried times in human history!

May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You

Martygazettepic Marty Boller