Marty & Sandy Boller


Recovering 3-B pastors on their way to becoming Christ-centered 3-C contemplative activists.

Marty & Sandy have been actively involved in pastoral ministry since 1985. Married in 1975 in Skokie, IL, they were participants with the beginnings of what is now the Evanston, IL Vineyard Church (1976) and have successfully planted two Vineyard churches in Iowa: Iowa City (1988) and Cedar Rapids (1998). The Bollers have four grown children, all married, with seven adorable grandchildren. And in truth, it’s their family that gives them their greatest sense of accomplishment and their truest joy in life!

Over the years, Marty has written two books on Christian discipleship; The Perfected Self (2002) and The Wisdom of Wimber: As I See It (2014); and here on this website, Marty hosts his highly-popular blog, As I See It, that now has over 75,000 hits since our humble beginnings just a few years back (read more).

The Contemplative Activist.

Now, after 30 years in pastoral ministry, Marty & Sandy are embarking on a new phase of life and ministry. They call it their adventure into Christ-centered 3-C contemplative activism. And it all began a few years back when God began challenging the Bollers on their traditional ways of doing church and making disciples for Jesus. Today, they no longer see themselves as 3-B pastors working in traditional church settings, but more of what author Eugene Peterson defines as “contemplative pastors”…pastoral shepherds following Jesus into an ancient yet refreshingly-new life style of ministry that focuses on the care and cure of souls utilizing the tools and disciplines of spiritual formation and spiritual direction (read more).

Sustainable Faith.

Marty & Sandy are now spreading the vision of contemplative activism throughout the Heartland of the USA and beyond through their work as spiritual directors and trainers of spiritual direction with the Sustainable Faith School of Spiritual Direction.  It’s here, the Bollers serve the larger body of Christ as contemplative coaches and spiritual directors to all who are looking to benefit from the absolute joys of receiving and offering spiritual direction (read more).

The Kalós.

Coming in September, we are opening up a whole new website geared exclusively for pastors, Christ-followers who know with a certainty that the Master has beckoned them, like those in the first century and so many others who have gone before us, to “feed the sheep.” As pastors for over thirty years, we offer this website with the hope that we all might become pastoral shepherds giving our best as we “keep at (our) work, guarding this precious thing placed in (our) custody by the Holy Spirit who works in us.” (website coming soon!)

Vineyard at Home.

The Bollers also have transitioned their traditional Vineyard church in Cedar Rapids into what is now part of a growing network of Christ-followers meeting in homes, where following Jesus is the primary goal and all are encouraged to slow down in order to keep up with all God is doing around us! Home group facilitators are trained in spiritual direction while traditional church programming is replaced with a simple & sustainable discipleship model that focuses on issues of soul care and contemplative activism (read more).

Thank you for visiting our website.

We invite you to join the growing conversation on how we, in our stressed-out, over-the-top-busy society, can slow down just a bit, take a long loving look at our God, and begin to live out the Spirit-directed life Jesus of Nazareth has intended for all of us to live. We look forward to hearing from you and all God is doing in and through your life!

May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You!

cropped-bollerheadshot1_bwa.jpg Marty & Sandy Boller

In recent years, Marty & Sandy left their full-time “jobs” as church pastors in a traditional setting and have now cobbled together a variety of ministry assignments that help them pay the bills, put food on the table, and live in their humble abode in Cedar Rapids, IA. A portion of the Bollers’ ministry operating budget will be met by folks like YOU who come alongside them with your one-time gifts or monthly pledges to this ministry!  THANK YOU for your financial support & on-going prayers!

If you are receiving spiritual direction or coaching from us, know that the standard “going rate” for many spiritual directors/coaches for monthly one-hour sessions is approximately $50 – $75 per session, but we never charge a set price for our services, and ask you to prayerfully donate an amount that seems fair and right to you, and one that is workable in your financial situation.

You can click on the link below to make your contribution/donation via PayPal…


Or you may mail your check to this address…


1001 Summit Ave SW

Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

MJB Ministries is fully licensed in the State of Iowa as a 501-C-3 not-for-profit organization. All gifts & contributions are tax-deductible as charitable contributions. Donations can be directed to us via US mail, direct deposit, credit card, PayPal.

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3 thoughts on “Marty & Sandy Boller

  1. Hi Marty!
    I just ordered your book…The Wisdom Of Wimber. We LOVED John Wimber and went to as many conferences as possible many years ago. Anxious to read it!
    On a personal note…probably not for blog…
    I am wondering if we are related! My maiden name was Boller! My great grandparents (John and Grace Boller) Moved from Iowa to California many years ago (via wagon!!) and were involved in Azusa Street. Great Grandma, Grace, was the pianist at Angeles Temple for many years. One of her sons was Lewis, my grandfather, and we all moved to Wyoming when I was young girl. I am married, have four daughters and sons-in-law and 12 grandchildren now…my father, Lewis Murray (Bud) Boller, Jr. went to Heaven 2 1/2 years ago. He was an amazing sculptor and I also sculpt. We have a bronze, fine art casting foundry here is Wyoming….Eagle Bronze. My husband, Monte, loved John Wimber and the Vineyard, too, so he will be thrilled to see your book!
    I would love to hear from you!
    God bless you.
    Beverly Paddleford


  2. Dear Pastor Marty,

    I had the opportunity to exchange some e-mails with you back in 2006 and to listen to your church services over the next years. Last year I discovered your blog and spent a good deal of time reading the John Wimber inputs.

    I would like to thank you for the encouragement your life and ministry has been to me, not to mention the fresh spirit you always seemed to be and to bless the Father for His continuing work in you.

    Happy Easter 2015 !

    Alin Popescu
    Vineyard Homegroup in Craiova, Romania


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