Caring For Your Soul



So…how are YOU experiencing God today?

Here at The Contemplative Activist, we believe that God has many treasures to share with you if you will only take the time to listen! Our goal is to come alongside you as you learn to better care for your soul, stepping out of the busy traffic of everyday life and giving yourself a bit more time for silence, solitude and practicing the in-breaking power and presence of God. A simple and sustainable lifestyle we like to call: Christ-centered 3-C contemplative activism…

communion with Christ.
community with others.

commission into our world.

Are you ready for a reformation in your life, a quiet fire of God-renewal? Allow us to suggest a few simple life-giving steps that have helped us along the way…


Step One: STOP-LOOK-LISTEN. Start your spiritual journey by reading and exploring! Might we suggest you begin here:

  • Read more about 3-B church life and see if this westernized corporate approach to Christianity has negatively influenced your walk with Jesus.
  • Read more about 3-C contemplative activism and prayerfully consider if this simple and sustainable life in God just might be the way in and the way on with your journey with the Master.
  • Read more about learning from others who are speaking on the subjects of spiritual formation, soul care, and Christ-centered contemplative activism.


Step Two: TAKE INTENTIONAL STEPS. Now that you’re becoming familiar with the themes of spiritual formation, we invite you to become more intentional in slowing down your own life, taking extra time for your personal spiritual awareness and growth. The care of your soul is vitally important to Jesus, to you, your family, and those who live and work around you. We have many tools to help you in your journey.

  • Read more about practicing the ancient spiritual disciplines of Centering Prayer and Welcoming Prayer.
  • Read more about adding in one of our devotional studies from our popular As I See It blog series. These short devotional readings will serve you well in the caring for your soul.


Step Three: PARTNER WITH A SPIRITUAL COMPANION. Now it’s time to prayerfully consider finding a Christ-centered spiritual director whose primary role is to simply come alongside you, becoming a spiritual companion in the care of your own soul.

  • Watch this video that gives an excellent picture of what spiritual direction is all about.
  • Read more about partnering with a well-trained, Christ-centered, Spirit-directed man or woman who will fully embrace the importance of making time and space for you and your journey with God.

As you’ve taken these intentional steps in caring for your soul, are you beginning to feel the gentle breeze of God’s love touching you deep within? It could be you’re starting to experience a spiritual awakening.

12-Symptoms-of-a-Spiritual-Awakening 2

Take a look at this amazing story of one man’s story of transformation as he learned to slow down his life, walking at Godspeed rather than his own hurried pace…

godspeed Click here!

Now, as you continue on your pathway in Christ-centered 3-C contemplative activism, you might consider these two additional steps…


Step 4: GO DEEPER WITH OTHERS. Gathering with others who are learning to care for their souls can be both rewarding and enriching. Consider bringing us into your community for a Caring For Your Soul retreat, focusing on the themes of Christ-centered 3-C contemplative activism. Spiritual directors from our team are readily available for a variety of retreat options for small groups and/or church leadership teams. Click here for more info.


Step 5: GIVE AWAY ALL GOD IS GIVING YOU. Prayerfully consider being trained and equipped in Christ-centered spiritual direction. What might your life look like if you were a part of a group of others in your church or in your community operating in the fine art of spiritual direction? Just think what that might do in helping to expand the ministry of the Kingdom of God throughout your city. Click here for more info.

cropped-bollerheadshot1_bwa.jpg Marty & Sandy Boller

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