80,000 Hits! WOW!


Sandy & I are deeply honored by this latest number we’ve just topped here on The Contemplative Activist website!

If you’ve not visited us in a while, pop over for a brief look. We’ve updated and simplified the site, and hopefully, you’ll find a resource or two that will encourage you in your on-going journey with Jesus!


Might we suggest that you check out our growing library of blog series. It’s our “As I See It” blogs that are at the very core of our website. Take a peek at some of our series, pick one that interests you, and enjoy the ride. Click here for more info…

So…how are YOU experiencing God today?

What might it look like when you and I start to slow down with Jesus, learning to walk at Godspeed instead of ours? Watch this one pastor’s amazing story of reformation….

godspeed Click here!

Again, thank you for being a part of The Contemplative Activist!

cropped-bollerheadshot1_bwa.jpg Marty & Sandy Boller

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