2018. 150 Psalms. 12 months. Thank You!

psalmslogoWe hope you have enjoyed our most recent blog series, Contemplating The Psalms. We started this blog journey back near the beginning of the year and, if you’ve been trekking with us along the way, you know that we just arrived at the end of the road on Christmas Eve!

Over our 9 years of blog-writing (since January, 2010), this series has been our longest, covering 150 Psalms! For those of you who missed an entry or two, don’t worry…you can always go into our archives and access all the entries anytime you’d like. Here’s the Home Page for Contemplating The Psalms. You might want to bookmark it so you can return to it at your own convenience.

As 2018 comes to a close, be sure to check out our As I See It archives. There is a huge variety of blog series to choose from. I know you’ll find something that interests you.


As we count down the last week of 2018, we’d like to share with you our three most popular blogs from 2018. Today, it’s #3. Enjoy the read (re-read for some!)


Eugene Peterson: A Memorial Tribute. (published November 5, 2018)

Join us on Friday, December 28 for #2, and Monday, December 31 for #1!

coming-soonStay tuned. On Wednesday, January 2nd, we’ll be announcing our new blog series that kicks off on Monday, January 7th. We’re excited about the new theme. We hope you will be as well!

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