Merry Christmas, Dear Friends…


Now Santa, as you know, has been delivering Christmas presents to children around the world for a very long time. Year after year, his workshop bustles with activity. Little elves scurrying about, making hundreds and thousands, no wait, millions and billions of specially designed toys, each carefully crafted according to very specific orders from Santa, himself. In recent years, these special orders have been on the decline. As a matter of fact, would you believe that last year, Santa returned back to the North Pole on Christmas Eve with over 10,000 unwanted toys? Apparently parents made other plans to buy fancy electronic games or other wiz-banged computerized gadgets that the children much preferred over Santa’s toys. To Santa Claus, a man who takes his work very seriously, this was a big blow not only to his business, but to him personally.

As we celebrate the Advent/Christmas season, enjoy one of our personal favorites, a Christmas-time short story about the time when Santa decides to pack it all in and skip Christmas altogether! I guess even ole St. Nick can use a good reminder of what Christmas is all about!


Here’s your Joy Comes in the Morning reading schedule…ENJOY!

Chapter 1: Ho! Ho! Humbug!

Chapter 2: Troubling Times at the North Pole.

Chapter 3: Sam the Elf to the Rescue.

Chapter 4: Christmas Eve Turmoil.

Chapter 5: Santa Meets the Dodsons.

Chapter 6: Fire in the Fireplace.

Chapter 7: The Band Rehearsal.

Chapter 8: Nick Gets an Earful.

Chapter 9: The Break-In.

Chapter 10: The Christmas Eve Miracle.

Chapter 11: Joy Comes in the Morning.


Merry Christmas from Marty B.

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