Congrats to our 2017-18 Grads!


Our 2017-18 school year is now in the books. Sandy & I were honored to work alongside 35 students this year in four different cohorts. Eight students received their two-year certificates in spiritual direction (Kansas City) while twenty-seven students completed their first year of training (Boise, Minneapolis & Wichita)! We are so proud of these guys and gals. Each person has invested time, energy & resources into their training and all are well on their way to becoming Christ-centered spiritual directors!  


Kansas City Year Two Cohort: Audrey Shaneyfelt, Dori Brown, Erica Wheeler, Dinah Fox, Mel Bockelman, Diane Marpe, Phil Maslin, Lisa Van Allen.


Boise Year One Cohort: Kristi Roeder, Janie Glover, Cynthia Boline, Karen Wardwell, Rachelle Shimondle, Amber Gunstream, Marty Mayo, Melody Paris, Bill Miller, Jeff Edmiston, Trina Riley, Mary Arritola.


Minneapolis Year One Cohort: Sandy Hagen, Katie Lafky, Dan Kuehl, Gay Narron, Kim Geraty.


Wichita Year One Cohort: Lee Mellinger, Annjanette Nickel, Kevin Larson, Leah Rose, Elaine Jelinek, Jake Smith, Russ Claassen, Christine Schmitt, Lesa Gardner, Jacqueline Floyd.

Click here to see all our graduating classes since 2015. 

Click here to find out more about being trained in the ancient disciplines of spiritual direction!


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