A Time For Giving Thanks!


If you’re a regular reader of our blog As I See It, you know we’ve just ended our newest series, Kalós: Guarding the Precious Treasure. We certainly hope you’ve enjoyed this series based on Paul’s two pastoral letters to Timothy, and we encourage you to go back and re-visit any section of this 26-blog series at your convenience. The series now goes into our growing As I See It archives, joining with other popular blog series we’ve published over the years.

Today, we are taking a brief break from our writings to simply express our Thanksgiving to God for you, our faithful readers. Over the last seven years, As I See It has touched many lives for the cause of Christ. We now are nearing the 90,000 hit marker, with nearly 2,000 subscribers to our free blog! May your Thanksgiving Day be full and blessed, as we all take time away from our daily routine, focusing our gratitude toward those many blessings God has brought into our lives!

Join us Friday, November 24th as we begin a short blog-series focusing on the Advent/Christmas season. We call this new blog series:

 Christmas through the Eyes of the Heart

(Each of us) are wired in different ways. Some of us respond better to the written word, some to the spoken word, some to music, some to art, some even to movement. Through this exploration of prayer, I’ve found we can connect to God in each of these ways. Though we may have a preferred sense through which to pray, the richest prayer life will come through experiencing God through all your senses. Kathryn Shirey

This Advent season, join us for a 14-session blog series which combines the reading of the Christmas story, as found in God’s Word, with seeing, using fourteen pieces of beautiful artwork that can bring your imagination to life. We suggest that you bookmark our home page to stay current with all fourteen entries between now and Christmas Day.

HAVE A BLESSED THANKSGIVING…and we’ll see you on Friday! 

Marty Boller

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