Jesus and the Workplace


Martin Luther, the great reformer of the 16th century, was one of the first saints to address the false concept that God is found only in holy, sacred cathedrals of the world. To Luther, work was the best place where God could be discovered, and as a matter of fact, he was quick to correct those who believed that full-time “ministry” was somehow a much better work assignment, or a more holy work than the labor of the peasants in the fields and streets of the surrounding community.

You see, Jesus didn’t pull Himself out of the workplace in order to be closer to God. He didn’t become a hermit, secluded and hidden away, believing that the world had to find its’ way to Him in order to receive the many blessings He was able to offer. The amazing truth about Jesus of Nazareth is that He is fully committed to getting up early each and every day and joining us as you and I go off to our work place.

Join us for a 9-blog series (taken from A Journey into 3-C Christian Discipleship), that explores these ideas that God is already laboring at our workplaces and it’s our “job” to go and participate with all He is already doing.


Below, you will find a complete list of all the posts (9 blogs) of this series. We suggest that you bookmark this home page for ease of use. Enjoy!

Each one of our blog studies can serve you well as a support piece in your devotional life with Jesus. As you’ll see when you open up one of our pages, each blog begins with a short scripture or reading, some thoughts to consider, and then concludes with a prayer and a question or two for you to ponder. Go slow. Walk at your own pace, inviting the Holy Spirit to join with you as you read and reflect.

Let’s focus on God’s Call to Work.

In The Beginning: Work. Genesis 1: 26-28           

Strength! Courage! Go To Work!  Joshua 1: 1-9

Being Salt-n-Light…Not Doom-n-Gloom. Matthew 5: 13-16       

Let’s focus on Jesus Joining Us at Work.

Inviting Jesus To Join Us At Work.  Philippians 3: 12-21

W-O-R-K: Running The Race With Jesus. Hebrews 12: 1-3 

Amazing Grace In The Workplace.  Ephesians 6: 5-9     

Let’s focus on Persevering in our Work.

Sharing All The Good Things You Have…At Work!  Galatians 6: 4-6 

Yahweh Vs. Your Way?  1st John 2: 15-17    

Our Job: Keep On Keepin’ On. 2nd Timothy 2: 1-7

Looking for more on this subject? Try our blog-series: God and Money Jesus states it so very clearly, God alone wants to be our source of power and control in this lifetime and the life to come, and through the Master’s invitation, you and I can follow Him into a freedom rarely experienced by those who stay behind, trusting what’s inside their wallets more than they trust their Creator. Join us for a short 9-blog series as we open up the Bible and look a bit deeper at what God’s Word has to say about our money and possessions.

Don’t take this journey into Jesus and the Workplace alone! One of the best ways to explore the on-going applications of this blog series is to walk alongside a biblically-based, Christ-centered spiritual director who is familiar with how to make material like this part of your overall spiritual formation in God. Many of our directors in our Sustainable Faith-Heartland network are available to companion you in your journey with Jesus. Click here for more info.