The Truth (About Myself) Can Set Me Free.


In the last few blogs, we introduced you to the Enneagram. An ancient tool of self-understanding and self-awareness.

Sandy and I were first introduced to the Enneagram when we were taking a two-year training course in modern spirituality. Up until that time, I’d never heard of the thing, and to be quite honest, I was a bit skeptical of it as I started to read my first book on the subject. Over the years, I’d taken numerous personality and gift-mix tests (Myers & Briggs, and others) and while I’d usually come away with some interesting facts and figures about myself and others, I’ve generally found that while the data provided by such tests is interesting and revealing, I’d rarely see long-term benefits in my day-to-day life or in the life of others. Generally, I found that once a person finds out their “secret code” or whatever a certain test reveals, they’d go around poking their finger in other people’s lives, implying that they had more info on their friends’ than they did, leaving the whole matter relatively worthless or demeaning.

“I’m an I-S-T-J and you’re an E-N-T-J…na-na-na-na-nah!”

So, during the school-year of 2013-14, as Dave Nixon, our magnificent instructor, started his lecture on the Enneagram, my attitude, to say the least, wasn’t too good. But then, Dave said something that caught my attention. Right off the bat, he said that one of the cardinal rules surrounding the use of the Enneagram is that this ancient tool, when used correctly, is designed exclusively only for the use of the person taking it. In other words, the information that is revealed within the work of the Enneagram is strictly limited to the issues of self-awareness and self-understanding.

So, with that being said, let me finish today’s blog by telling you my Enneagram story.

As I mentioned last time, of the nine descriptive paragraphs offered (see chart #2), I truly resonated with paragraph D, and then I found myself also thinking, to a degree, that paragraph E, and then paragraph C, partially describes me as well. After some time with Dave Nixon and his presentation on the Enneagram, I came to the conclusion that indeed, in Enneagram language, my personality type is firmly established in the Heart Triad, and that I am a strong Enneagram #2 (The Helper). I also discovered that my unique personality has two “wings” (corresponding traits that come from Enneagram #3 (The Performer), and to a lesser degree Enneagram #1 (The Perfectionist).

Now, those last few sentences might seem like gobbilty-gook to you right now, but if you stick with us over the next few blog sessions, I’m going to walk you through each of the nine Enneagram personality types, and it’s my hope that you will begin to find yourself in the midst of this study.

Which now brings me to the point of my story.

It’s one thing to understand the Enneagram and its’ results, but it’s yet another thing to open yourself up to the good work going on inside you, take the information you receive from the Enneagram, and allow yourself to flow in the freedom that can be experienced as we allow all this to work together for good in our lives.

You see, most of my life (65 years as I now write this), sadly, has been defined by what I do…my job, my work, and my profession. But with the help of the Enneagram, a bigger picture has become a bit clearer for me. You see, with the help of the results of my Enneagram test, I now better understand Marty Boller…The Helper. I now can appreciate the unique gifts that dwell within an Enneagram #2, but I also understand the great personal challenges that are evident for a person like myself who is a strong Enneagram #2, with a moderate #3 wing, and a lesser-weighted #1 wing.

And through it all, I say, thank you Enneagram for revealing more of who I am…and giving me language to better understand myself and the uniqueness of the man I desire to become.

Next time, we’ll give you an overview of how to best use the information we’re giving you here. Join us!

My questions to ponder: Am I willing to allow Truth to be revealed about me, even if everything I find out is not all good news? Am I willing to keep walking forward, even when the Truth hurts?

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