So…What’s Your Survival Plan for Winter 2020-21?

From everything we hear from the medical experts, Winter 2020-21 just could be one of the most difficult times we’ve faced in our lifetime. Not since the fall/winter of 1918-1919 has the world experienced a health crisis like the one we are currently facing. Chances are with a second wave of COVID-19 combined with the traditional winter flu season, most of us will stay isolated, separated from family and friends for a good part of the winter.

As followers of Christ, our hope, of course, is in Him. And, as we see it, if we can stick together, working to overcome this sense of dread, loneliness and loss, God can use each one of us mightily to be instruments of peace and hope to others during these difficult times.

That’s why we believe the gift of spiritual companionship, learning to care for souls one person at a time, is so vitally important right now in the economy of God. Sandy & I have been fortunate over the last six years to train dozens of women and men in the ancient Christ-centered ministry of spiritual direction. We’ve seen, first hand, how powerfully, God can use one caring person to simply come alongside another and care, in Christ’s love, for that other person.

So, here’s our invitation to you.

This Winter, rather than hunkering down by yourself, hoping to make it through the long season of isolation, why don’t you prayerfully position yourself along side us in a commitment to learn and grow in the expanding ministry of Christ-centered spiritual direction?

Just imagine how Jesus might use you if you became a trained spiritual director, learning, in these troubling times, how to hold space for another person.

Watch this short video that offers a marvelous description of the work of spiritual companionship: holding space for others.


Two on-line training cohorts in Spiritual Direction start in February. Click here for more information and to start your application process! Prayerfully consider joining us this winter for the journey of a lifetime: learning to become a Christ-centered spiritual director.

Click here to view a 4-minute informational video with our friends & co-teachers, Wayne & Sabrina MacQueen.

Two on-line training cohorts in Spiritual Direction start in February. Click here for more information and to start your application process!

We look forward to having you on-board!

Marty & Sandy Boller, trainers in spiritual direction.

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