Time’s Running Out! Only 2 Seats Remain!

Sustainable Faith Year One Training in Spiritual Direction (SOSD) is now available On-Line!  Our two on-line FALL cohorts start September 11/12 and October 2/3!!


This fall (the 2020-21 school year) with the uncertainties of COVID-19 still around us, the Board of Sustainable Faith School of Spiritual Direction has decided to release some of our teachers to oversee Year One training opportunities designed exclusively for on-line students, and Sandy & I are inviting you to be part of this exciting new opportunity.

Our curriculum and class goals will still be the same. You will still receive the high-quality training in spiritual direction you’ve come to expect from Sustainable Faith. But rather than meeting face-to-face for our five weekend cohorts, we will be meeting together via Zoom.

Know that we’ve been working diligently here at Sustainable Faith to re-work our curriculum and the way we teach it so that you, the on-line student, will still receive the quality education, practical experience, and personal attention you’ve come to expect from Sustainable Faith, now the largest training school in spiritual direction across North America. Click here for an overview of our Year One coursework and costs.

The two key advantages to this on-line learning experience:

  1. With the uncertainties of COVID-19 throughout the 2020-21 school year, you know you will have a safe and consistent learning environment that you can control.
  2. In the past, Sustainable Faith trainers have only been able to come to cities where there was a minimum of six to eight people wanting to be trained. Now, with our on-line training, as long as you have access to fast & reliable internet service, you can join one of our cohorts without the extra fuss and cost of travel. Plus you can wear your PJ’s and still look presentable! :0)

So, here’s the plan:

Sandy & I have scheduled two ON-LINE YEAR ONE COHORTS for this fall and, in order to keep things intimate, we plan to limit our class size to eight students per cohort. As of today, August 1, ONLY TWO SEATS REMAIN!

On-Line Cohort Weekend Dates/Times for the School Year 2020-2021.

ON-LINE COHORT ONE (running on US Central Time): Fri/Sat – Sep. 11/12, Fri/Sat – Nov. 13/14, Fri/Sat – Jan. 15/16, 2021, Fri/Sat – Mar. 19/20, 2021, Fri/Sat – May 7/8, 2021. (only 1 seat remains!). Go to the Sustainable Faith registration page to grab this seat!

ON-LINE COHORT TWO (running on US Eastern Time):  Fri/Sat – Oct. 2-3, Fri/Sat – Dec. 4-5, Fri/Sat – Feb. 12-13, 2021, Fri/Sat – Apr. 9-10, 2021, Fri/Sat – May 21-22, 2021. (only 1 seat remains!). Go to the Sustainable Faith registration page to grab this seat!

PLUS – BIG NEWS: We just released a new date of cohorts starting in February 2021.

ON-LINE COHORT THREE (Times TBA): Fri/Sat – Feb 19/20, 2021, Fri/Sat – Apr 16/17, 2021, Fri/Sat – June 25/26, 2021, Fri/Sat – August 27/28, 2021, Fri/Sat – October 22/23, 2021. Registration is NOW OPEN!

If you are interested, go to the Sustainable Faith registration page, fill out an application, which is a non-binding agreement. When you signup for one of our cohorts, this will begin the application process and after we’ve had an opportunity to chat with you directly, answering your questions, etc., you may place your $400 deposit which will hold your spot for the on-line cohort of your choice.


Questions?  Contact us at: martyboller@gmail.com   

May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You…

Marty & Sandy Boller


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