Coming Tomorrow! It’s Our New Lenten Blog/Podcast Series!

Religion or Relationship: Five Days that Define Our Call in Christ.

Coming tomorrow – Friday, February 21st.  A new 27-blog/podcast series for Lent 2020!

A 27-session Lenten blog series from Matthew’s Holy Week Gospel.

Beginning tomorrow, Friday, February 21, and continuing through Ash Wednesday (February 26), Lent, and finally, Easter Sunday, I invite you to journey along with me during the first five days of what you and I call Holy Week.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – Palm Sunday to Maundy Thursday.

Matthew 21 through Matthew 25.

The five fullest days, quite possibly, of Jesus’ three-year ministry. Five days that, as I see it, can define our call in Christ. Five days that reveal the major differences between organized religion and true relationship with Christ. Practical stories that give us Jesus’ view of spirituality as compared to the religiousness found in so many people today.

But, let me warn you.

Don’t expect this journey through Matthew 21-25, using Eugene Peterson’s Message Bible, to be a cozy, warm picnic with the Master, but a bumpy ride that just might shake us all out of some complacency. A twisting road that just might insist that we re-evaluate our faith, inquiring if it has become too crusty to digest, too sour to share with others, or too religious for much earthly good. Care to join me? I hope you do!

We suggest you bookmark our homepage to keep all 27 blogs/podcasts in this series for future reference.

Session 1:        Religion or Relationship? An Introduction.

Session 2         A Stern Pre-Warning From The Master. 

Session 3:        Entering Into The Belly of the Religious Beast. Matthew 21: 1-11

Session 4:        The Reformation of Freedom Has Begun! Matthew 21: 12-17

Session 5:        The Withered Fig Tree. Matthew 21: 18-22

Session 6:        A New Kind of Authority Comes To Town. Matthew 21: 23-27

Session 7:        The Story of Two Dysfunctional Sons. Matthew 21: 28-32

Session 8:        The Story of the Greedy Farmhands. Matthew 21: 33-46

Session 9:        How Will We Respond To The Wedding Invitation? Matthew 22: 1-14

Session 10:      Exposing A Stone-Cold Heart. Matthew 22: 15-22

Session 11:      Jesus, the Sadducees, and Life’s Rubik’s Cubes. Matthew 22: 23-33

Session 12:      One Commandment Of Love. Matthew 22: 34-40

Session 13:      Playing Bible Trivia With Jesus. Matthew 22: 41-46

Session 14:      Jesus’ Invitation To Servanthood Leadership. Matthew 23: 1-12

Session 15:      Calling Out Fraudulence In Church Leadership. Matthew 23: 13-22

Session 16:      A Cup of Humility and a Slice of Humble Pie. Matthew 23: 23-32

Session 17:      The Protective Covering of God. Matthew 23: 33-39

Session 18:      Keeping Our Senses During Routine History. Matthew 24: 1-8

Session 19:      Staying With It To The End. Matthew 24: 9-14

Session 20:      When Big-Time Troubles Come. Matthew 24: 15-22

Session 21:      Not Ready People vs. Ready People. Matthew 24: 23-31

Session 22:      So, What’s Your Expectation of the Last Day? Matthew 24: 32-51

Session 23:      The Gift of Kingdom Pre-Planning. Matthew 25: 1-13

Session 24:      Stewarding Your Blessing Pot. Matthew 25: 14-30

Session 25:      Sorting Out Sheep and Goats. Part I. Matthew 25: 31-46

Session 26:      Sorting Out Sheep and Goats. Part II. Matthew 25: 31-46

Session 27:      What’s Next? Following Jesus, the Risen Christ.  

We hope you will plan to join us! See you tomorrow morning!

Marty & Sandy Boller

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