150,000 hits! Thank You! Thank You!


This week, our website The Contemplative Activist (www.contemplative-activist.com) passed yet another milestone: 150,000 hits!

For those of you who’ve been regular readers of our blog As I See It, you know that we’ve been publishing every Monday, Wednesday & Friday for nearly a decade! In January 2020, we will reach our tenth anniversary and as we see it, we’ve only just begun!

You see, the themes of Christ-centered contemplative activism, Spirit-directed spiritual transformation, and simply, learning to slow down, take a breath, allowing Jesus to lead our busy lives again are subjects that are not on the decline, but actually, in this crazy-over stressed society, are becoming more and more important to so many.

So, let us first and foremost, say…

…and, might we add, a…

…as we continue, together, hand-in-hand, on our journey with Jesus!


As many of you know, beginning last fall, with our new blog series entitled…

…all of our new blog series now include a podcast version as well!

We’re hearing from many of you that our podcast format is a great way to get your regular dose of As I See It, without taking the time to read it!

Throughout the coming months, our goal will be to go back and re-release some of our more popular blog series in a podcast mode. Stay tuned as we go!

Here’s what’s coming to our As I See blogs/podcasts in the months ahead…

Logo-ChristmasArt Christmas Through The Eyes of the Heart. Coming on Thursday, November 28th (Thanksgiving Day), we invite you to join us for a 14-session podcast/blog Advent series which combines the reading of the Christmas story, as found in God’s Word, with seeing, using fourteen pieces of beautiful artwork that can bring your imagination to life.

  Contemplating The Prayer: Pondering Anew The Prayer of Jesus. Join us for this new 12-session podcast/blog series that takes a deeper look at The Lord’s Prayer. Coming on Friday, January 3rd, 2020.

Business man pointing the text: Who are You? Who Are You…Really? Could it be that you and I are so weak and unable to live out, at times, the life-changing Christ-life-lessons we find in the Scriptures because we truly don’t have a clue on who we really are in Jesus? Join us in February 2020 as we explore together (via podcast & blog) this question of who we really are in the eyes of Jesus…women and men of great value in the economy of God’s Kingdom

00-logo-ReligionVSRelationship  Religion vs. Relationship: Five Days That Define Our Call in Christ. Join us for this new Lenten season 27-session podcast/blog series that looks deeper into the five fullest days of Jesus’ three-year ministry. Palm Sunday through Maunday Thursday. Five days, as revealed through Matthew 21 through 25, that illuminate the major differences between organized religion and true relationship with Christ. Begins Friday, February 21, 2020.

Would you do us a favor? If you like what you’ve seen and heard here on The Contemplative Activist, please share our website with your friends!

Finally, we’d love to come to your city and introduce you to our newest spiritual formation resource…

Soul Encounter is a one-day retreat that will introduce you to many of the spiritual formation tools that literally transformed our lives over last decade. Click here to find out more.

And finally…

We’d love to hear from you with any questions or comments.

May the Good Lord bless and keep you!

Marty & Sandy Boller, The Contemplative Activist

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