Our Good Friend Dave Jacobs Could Use Your Help!

Dear friends of Dave Jacobs & Small Church Pastor…

As some of you know, Dave Jacobs, pastoral coach extraordinaire, was struck with a sudden episode of acute amnesia on Sunday, May 19. He and his wife Ellen immediately went to the hospital in Medford, OR, where Dave was admitted. Doctors originally attributed the symptoms to Transient Global Amnesia but after a battery of tests, he did not fit the profile of TGA (which generally resolves itself within 24 hours and does not include long term memory loss).

After 3 days of intense medical testing, Dave was finally released from the hospital on Thursday, May 23, but with no clear diagnosis. He has regained his long term memory and most of his short term day-to-day recall, but some things are still a little spotty. He will be following up with the neurologist in Medford and will most likely be referred to Oregon Health and Sciences University for further tests and evaluation. At this point, they believe it may be some un-diagnosed neurological issue.

This medical emergency, which will continue into the future with more tests, has caused two major emergency issues for Dave and Ellen. First of all, with his current diagnosis unsure, Dave has not been able to immediately resume his coaching work, leaving the Jacobs with a major loss of regular income. Secondly, while Ellen’s medical insurance from her job will cover some of their hospital & clinic costs, the truth is that they could be facing huge medical bills with very little ability to cover it.

Dave has been my pastoral coach for many years and I just can’t say enough good things about the work he does with his ministry, Small Church Pastor. I’ve set up a Go Fund Me account to help Dave & Ellen. I invite you to prayerfully contribute to the cause!


PLEASE prayerfully consider generously donating toward Dave and Ellen’s medical & living costs. Your $$$ and your prayers will help them get through this difficult season!

Thanks!!  Marty & Sandy Boller

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