What An Amazing School Year!

Congratulations to all of our graduates in spiritual direction 2018-2019!

This school year Sandy and I had the honor of working with these amazing students in spiritual direction. This was our fourth year of serving as trainers in spiritual direction with Sustainable Faith. A labor of love.

boise1picBelow are the five cohorts we worked with in four different cities. Minneapolis, Boise, Wichita, and Milwaukee.

Minneapolis Year Two Cohort: Katie Lafky, Dan Kuehl, Gay Narron, Tammy Morton, Sandy Hagen, Judy Grose, Kim Geraty.

Boise Year Two Cohort:  Kristi Roeder, Mary Arritola, Jeff Edmiston, Cynthia Boline, Janie Glover, Karen Wardwell, Marty Mayo, Amber Gunstream, Trina Riley.


Boise Year One Cohort: April Auker, Gene Auker, Carol Weaver, Margery Gonzales, Kayla Molner, Michelle Robinson. (not pictured) Pam Burkett, Valerie Reddix.

Wichita Year Two Cohort: Tim Loftin, Annjanette Nickel, Elaine Jelinek, Kevin Larson, Jacqueline Floyd, Lesa Gardner, co-trainer Chandelle Claassen, Jake Smith, Leah Rose, Russ Claassen.

Milwaukee Year One Cohort: Mitch Lueck, Dave Anderson, Susan Mayer, Adrienne Langlois, Victor Bennett, Mary Lynn Murtaugh, Janelle Hoekman-Stanelle. (not pictured) Eli Riddle, Patrick Schultz.

Are you interested in bringing a Year One SOSD training cohort in Spiritual Direction to your city? You can be the “feet-on-the-ground-recruiter” for Sustainable Faith and join us in getting the word out in your area. If you help us recruit a minimum of eight students in your area, you get up to $500 off your Year One tuition!  Contact us! We’d love to hear from you and work with you on a strategy of training up Christ-centered spiritual directors in your area!

For more information about Sustainable Faith’s School of Spiritual Direction…click here.

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