My Prayer for Election Day – Love Wins!

voteRegardless of who you vote for today…know that it’s our attitude of love toward others that truly decides our future. 


And on this Election Day 2018…here’s a beautiful song of encouragement for you today!

Thanks, Josh Groban, for the reminder: Don’t take a single breath for granted!

Addendum: November 7th, 2018 – the day after the Mid-Terms…

Well, the Mid-Term Elections are now history. Seems that both sides got a bit of a victory to crow about. Both sides also took it on the chin. For me, the scariest quote from the news broadcast I was watching was “It looks like the real losers tonight are the moderates. They are all either resigning or being voted out of office.” In other words, there’s little patience in American politics for those who might be able to work the middle, reach across the aisle and find answers that might bring us together. Only room now for the extremists. That, my friends, is a recipe for divisiveness and hatred. Hold onto your hats, folks. Something tells me this is gonna get a lot worse before it gets better.


Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. Matthew 5:9 NIV

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