Look For The Good.

This week, as we Americans do our best to digest the horrors of the mini-holocaust in Pittsburgh, my thoughts turn to, who else, Mr. Rogers. It seems as though the kindness and hope found in the late Fred Rogers has become a shining light to so many in a world that seems lost at sea.

Recorded in response to the events of 9/11, Fred Rogers gives us this sound piece of advice as we sort through the tragedy in Pittsburgh, Mr. Roger’s hometown:


Watch the video of Fred Rogers here.

In an article for Mashable, writer Laura Byager reports on Dr. Jeff Cohen, Jewish president of the hospital that treated the gunman who opened fire at the synagogue in Pittsburgh. As I see it, Dr. Cohen and his team at Allegheny General Hospital are some of those helpers Fred Rogers talked about.

Read the Dr. Cohen story & watch the video here.

In recent weeks, as I was pondering on Fred Rogers and his quote “look for the helpers,” I composed this song called Look For The Good. Forgive the roughness of the cut, it’s only a sample I put together for my own files. But because of the timeliness of the message, I share it here with you now.

Verse 1

At times, the world seems so hopeless                                                       

The hatred and hardship come to steal my life away                              

As I gaze into the darkness                                                                             

There’s a light that shines around us                                                           

It’s this song from my childhood                                                                   

That gives me hope for today                                                                        


So I look for the good                                                                                      

Momma told me I should                                                                               

I look for the ones who can help me along                                                 

Together as one                                                                                                

Together in love                                                                                               

I look for the good all around me           

Verse 2    

So friends, don’t despair ‘bout the darkness

They say it’s always darkest right before the new day

Take my hand, let’s go together

We’ll take this road through stormy weather

Together as helpers

Yes, we’ll find a new way


Now is the time

Today is the day

Don’t wait for others

Step out and make a way

Some will call you crazy

And others will laugh at you

But friend, I’m right beside you

So let’s see this through…

Chorus 2

So we look for the good

Momma told us we should

We look for the ones who can help us along

Together as one

Together in love

We look for the good all around us

Copyright 2018, Marty Boller, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

1 thought on “Look For The Good.

  1. Look to the Light and Be the Light. You will find Light in the Helpers, and Jesus’ people are the Light. Thanks for the reminder.


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