Congrats to Our First Graduating Class!

A special congratulations to our first graduating class of spiritual directors who are now fully-trained to accompany folks through the Ignatian Exercises, using Larry Warner’s excellent resource guidebook, Journey With Jesus! 
Barb Toft
Bill Daylong
Chandelle Claassen
Jennie Altstadt
Karen Bartlett
Laurie Jensen
Leslie Leavenworth
Sarah Cook
Sheri Daylong
And a big thank you to Larry Warner for helping us put together this unique on-line training!
Larry will be offering this exciting course again this fall (2018-19 school year). If you are a spiritual director, with a 2-year certification from an accredited school of spiritual direction, you might be interested in joining us this fall for our next on-line training with Larry! Class size is limited. Let us know of your interest today!

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