Pray & Act!


Here at The Contemplative Activist, we believe that following Jesus means living a life-style of contemplative prayer, but balanced fully with a heart of compassion that gets us off our knees in order to join with the Master as He ministers very practical hope and help to people in need.

As we write this, Hurricane Harvey, now a tropical storm, is battering the Gulf Coast, bringing a horrific combination of hurricane-force winds and torrential rains to millions of Americans. Even when the storm ends later this week, the devastation will remain for months, if not years.

As we see it, here’s one of those unique opportunities Jesus offers us to both PRAY and ACT!

The American Red Cross is, of course, one option for you to consider as you pull out your wallet.  But we also want to invite you to join forces with Convoy of Hope. Sandy & I have worked with this amazing faith-based relief organization for years and recently, Mercy Response, the Vineyard-based organization that came to our rescue in 2008 when Cedar Rapids was hit with a massive flood, has now joined forces with Convoy of Hope.


Find out more on how you can donate both money and your time to the hurricane/flood relief efforts in Texas by visiting their site today! Click here for details.

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