Coming Monday!

Coming Monday, August 21st…

To Lead Or Not To Lead?

Glenn Wagner, states in his excellent book, Escape from Church Inc., that the church has, unfortunately, taken most of our cues on ‘leadership’ from the corporate world of America, replicating the successful leadership formulas that have worked well in our consumer-driven society. As I see it, my friends, something needs to change. Radical change in the way we define successful Christian leadership. And the question in the American church today should not be, ‘Do we need leadership?’ but rather, ‘What kind of leaders is God asking men and women to be? This 12-session blog series, To Lead Or Not To Lead? Redefining the Role of a Christian Worker, is my attempt to engage you in the conversation of where that change just might begin. Join us!

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MartyBoller  Marty Boller, As I See It

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