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In October 2014, Harmon Press published my latest book, The Wisdom of Wimber: As I See It. Today, the little book we affectionately call WOW (Wisdom of Wimber) has sold numerous copies throughout the USA and Canada, and is now available in Spanish, thanks to our dear friend, Pastor Jorge Oviedo and his translating team from the Heredia Vineyard Church in Costa Rica!

$16.99 Tradepaper and $6.99 eBook (English)

$16.99 Tradepaper and $6.99 eBook (Spanish)

In June 2019, I had a chance to share my John Wimber story at Heartland Vineyard in Waterloo, Iowa. Click here to watch the 33-minute video.

IMG_6503 Over the years, Marty has written two books on Christian discipleship; The Perfected Self (2002) and The Wisdom of Wimber: As I See It (2014); and here on this website, Marty hosts his highly-popular blog, As I See It, that now has over 120,000 hits since our humble beginnings just a few years back. (Read more)


Who is John Wimber? 

John Wimber was a successful composer/musician, a caring pastor, and a well-known author and speaker who encouraged the whole church of Jesus Christ to draw closer to Jesus, entering into the grace and glory of the ever-expanding Kingdom of God. From 1977 until his untimely death in 1997, John and Carol Wimber pastored a vibrant church in Anaheim, California, that became the birthing place of the Vineyard Church movement, which has now spread into many countries worldwide.

At a church leadership conference in July 1991, Pastor John Wimber taught on ten specific themes he called his “genetic code” for churches who desired to be God-worshiping, Jesus-centered, and Spirit-directed communities, set apart for the Kingdom purposes of God. The material in this book, The Wisdom of Wimber: As I See It, was originally published as a popular devotional blog series here on our website. It is a collection of sixty-four musings on some of John’s richest quotes under each of these ten vital themes:

On Christ and His Word, On Worship, On Gifts of the Spirit, On Community, On Compassion, On Healing, On Mission, On Unity, On Evangelism, On Discipleship.

What people are saying about The Wisdom of Wimber: As I See It

Williams-Don Marty Boller has John speak for himself, adding his own commentary and experiences, bringing John into our early twenty-first century world. Remember, John called all of us out of the stands and on to the field, saying, “Everybody gets to play.” Suit up and jump in. Marty will help you to find your position. Don Williams, Author – Pastor – Theologian, Los Angeles, CA

christywimber  Anytime we dig into the Scriptures and find gold, it not only changes us, but it also has the power to change the people around us. Marty is a tried and proven pastor who has given himself to the ‘discipling of others’ and with this, encouraging the local church. I appreciate Marty’s enthusiasm to take John’s words of insight and break them down to once again encourage, but also challenge areas of our hearts that can use some ‘nudging.’ Christy Wimber, Pastor – Author – Popular Speaker, Yorba Linda, CA

CostaMitchell Sometimes, while working on a website, it freezes or just gets stale, and I remember to hit the ‘Refresh’ icon. The effect is that it uploads fresh insights on the topic at hand. For me, that same effect is evident in what Marty has done with John Wimber’s pearls of wisdom. Many people quote John as someone whose teaching they’ve read, heard, watched on DVD, respected and admired. Boller writes as someone who experienced him as a mentor. Here, teaching is made into wisdom, and observations have been translated into life lessons. Marty has hit the ‘Refresh’ icon on the Wimber website, in a most honouring way, and with delightful and inspiring results! Costa Mitchell, Pastor – National Director of Association of Vineyard Churches – Teacher, South Africa

winngriffin  Boller’s Wisdom of Wimber: As I See It is a pastor’s reflection of John Wimber’s winsome theology. This is a book where friends can remember, students can learn, and everyone can be encouraged to “go and play.” Go ahead, read it again for the first time. Winn Griffin, Author – Teacher – Publisher at Harmon Press, Woodinville, WA

stevesjogren This book ought to be indexed under “F” for flamethrower! I predict that as you read it, you won’t just be informed. You will also be ignited, as will your experience with Jesus. John Wimber’s heart was always bent on igniting hearts to change – to change the church and to change the world. Scripture says, “He makes His angels flames of fire.” John loved to play with fire. He was the most effective spiritual “pyromaniac” of his generation. When you read this, you might smell smoke, but don’t panic. It’s probably just the kindling of your heart being lit again. Steve Sjogren, Pastor – Life Coach – Author, Claremont, CA

BillJacksonJax This book codifies John Wimber and his theology in a brilliant outline. We have needed something like this for a long time, both as a review for those of us who were there, and an introduction to those who are just getting started in all things kingdom. Way to go Marty! Bill Jackson, Pastor – Church Historian – Author, Corona, CA

davejacobs The release of The Wisdom of Wimber: As I See It is timely. I say this for two reasons. First, as the Vineyard movement ages and a new, younger generation of leaders emerge, we need a way to pass on the best of the founder of our movement to those who did not have the opportunity to know, see, or hear him. Second, as brotherly dialog between different faith-streams increases, it will be helpful to have a volume that introduces those outside the movement to the Vineyard a la John Wimber. Dave Jacobs, Pastor – Author – Pastoral Coach, Rogue River


Reviews from AMAZON.COM and other satisfied readers…

“This is an excellent and down to earth summary of John Wimber’s main teaching. As someone who has been greatly impacted by the Vineyard movement, it was great to come across a book that articulates the “vital organs” in a way that can be transplanted anywhere. There are questions at the end of each chapter that get you thinking in fresh ways and ask you to reflect on how your life intersects with God’s Kingdom. I often catch myself wondering what God wants to do in this next generation. Marty’s book reminded me of Kingdom truths that are needed today more than ever.”

“Thanks for the copy of the Wisdom of Wimber. I have devoured it! It was awesome, brought back so many really GOOD memories of our time with John and the Vineyard in the early days. I think it should be REQUIRED reading for all younger Vineyard leaders who did not get to serve under his mantle. You were spot on in your description of John’s founding principles. Deja Vu all over again! Awesome job!”

“Thank you for your new book…  The Wisdom of Wimber As I See It.  I followed your posts but it is a great to have them in book form.  Years ago as an APC, I was included in several of the last leadership training sessions that John did in Anaheim.  What a great reminder of all the things some of have taken for granted.  Your easy-to-read style makes it easy to pass on to younger leaders.  What a service you have done for the ongoing Vineyard movement. Thanks and blessings.”

7 thoughts on “The Wisdom of Wimber-The Book

  1. Marty,
    Thank you for capturing this in words! well done!

    It is so helpful as I continue to make sense of my “Vineyard I” experiences, attempting to apply what is relevant today.

    Many blessings,


  2. Marty, long time no talk. Hope life is treating you well. I had no clue about this book in the making. Excited to get my hands on a copy. Any chance a Spanish version will soon be coming out? Take care.


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