The Small Church That Works


Welcome to TSCTW.

Originally formed in 2011, TSCTW is a growing network of pastors and churches who are determined to change the parameters of “success” in the North American church.

For much of the 20th century and now into the 21st century, most Christians across the fruited plain of North America have defined a “successful” church as one that is growing and expanding in the following three arenas…

(B)uilding size.

(B)ucks in the offering.

(B)utts in the seats.

We call these parameters the 3-B’s.

Now please, don’t get us wrong. We believe in growth. We believe in expanding ministries. We believe that Jesus has called His Church to go and grow.

But, when it comes to defining “success,” TSCTW believes that a SMALL church can actually be as successful in Jesus’ ministry as a large church. And if truth be known, we believe that a smaller church can actually be more successful (and efficient) at doing Jesus’ work than a larger one!

If you are a pastor or church leader who just might believe that as well, you’ve come to the right place. Here at TSCTW, our goal is to become an encouragement for you.


Because, as we see it, most church denominations or church networks across North America only celebrate BIG.

Here at TSCTW, we celebrate SMALL.

Want to join the TSCTW parade?

Drop us an email, tell us you’re here. And as we develop resources and events in the months ahead, we’ll keep you aware. Who knows? Maybe as a pastor or church leader of a small church, you might even be invited to contribute a post, or even speak at one of our events! And wouldn’t that be a miracle to see a pastor or church leader of a SMALL church asked to share his or her wisdom with others!

marty-RED click here to email us!

Marty Boller, proud to be a pastor of a SMALL church for 30+ years!

Current TSCTW resources: 

The Contemplative Activist – We invite you to peruse our numerous blog series written specifically for pastors & church leaders who want to redefine “success” in pastoral ministry.

Retreats & Training Events – We invite you and your church leaders to join us for a variety of training and equipping events all designed to help you better care for souls.

Small Church Pastor – Receive coaching from Dave Jacobs, a pastoral coach who not only understands the ins-and-outs of pastoral ministry but specializes in coming alongside pastors of smaller churches! Join Dave on Facebook. (I tell people that Dave Jacobs helped save my life! Read my 3-B story!)

New Small Church – Stay up to date with my good buddy, Karl Vaters, who now writes regularly on behalf of small churches in Christianity Today. Join Karl on Facebook.

Spiritual Companionship for Small Church Pastors – Make space for caring for your own soul as you enter into an on-going relationship with a well-equipped, Christ-centered spiritual director who has experienced life and ministry as a pastor of a smaller church.

Take a look at this amazing story of one pastor’s story of transformation as he learned to slow down his life, walking at Godspeed rather than his own hurried pace of ministry…