Putting On Your Peacemaker Toolbelt.


00-Matthew_5-9 2 Peacemakers for the Cause of Christ: Facilitators of God’s Peace in a World Hungering for Peace. Have you noticed how fragile relationships seem to be today? Nearly everywhere we turn, once good friendships are now strained, strong family ties are now broken, and people, in general, are increasingly at odds with one another more than ever before. Jesus predicted that there would come a day when “the love of most will grow cold,” yet, the Master also said, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.” It’s time for more of us to step out of the fray and allow Jesus to form and shape us into Peacemakers for the Cause of Christ. Join us in July, 2020 for this new 31-session blog/podcast series. Click here to go to our blog/podcast homepage.

Throughout our Peacemakers for the Cause of Christ blog/podcast series we offer you a number of short exercises and/or resources that will aid you in bringing this blog/podcast theme to life. Simply click on the link (below) and it will take you to each specific on-line resource. Enjoy!

Tool #1: Who Are You? The Enneagram.

Tool #2: Taking An Inventory of Good.

Tool #3: Taking An Inventory of Fruit & Gifts.

Tool #4: What is Peace?

Tool #5: Centering Prayer.

Tool #6: Lectio Divina.

Tool #7: The Examen.

Tool #8: A Short Reading List on Peacemaking.

Tool #9: An Exercise in Addressing Our Loneliness.

Tool #10: Reclaiming Conversation: An Interview with Sherry Turkle.

Tool #11: Great Questions to Stir a Meaningful Conversation.

Tool #12: Holding Space for Others.

Tool #13: Finding a Christ-Centered Spiritual Companion.

Tool #14: Being Trained in Christ-Centered Spiritual Direction.

Tool #15: Determining Your Non-Negotiables.

Tool #16: Building Bridges of Peace in a Walled-Off World.

Tool #17: Ten Commandments For Facilitators in God’s Circle of Peace.

Tool #18: Scriptures, Prayers & Songs for the Journey.


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