Chapter Five: Finding Jesus Of Nazareth On A Journey Into Good.


Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him. ~ King David [1]

So, here’s a good question for you today.

Who do you say that Jesus of Nazareth is?

Now before you answer, remember that Jesus never asked men or women to have the “right” answer to this probing question. As a matter of fact, I believe Jesus welcomed anyone to walk alongside Him regardless of how they answered that question. Quite simply, in the Gospel stories, we never find Jesus insisting that someone pretend to be somebody that they are not.

Who knows, maybe your answer to Jesus’ question is a lot like the man who came to Him to ask for healing for his son. When looking directly into the face of Jesus, this man was totally honest in his situation and replied…

I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief! [2]

You see, Jesus of Nazareth never pushed people into religious corners, making them do or say things that the religious people insisted they do or say. As a matter of fact, there’s no place in the Gospel stories where Jesus insists that even His disciples believe something in order to continue their trek with Him. As I see it, all He ever asks of them, and all He’ll ever ask of you and me is…“Come, follow Me” or simply, “Come and see.”

So, if you’ve been reading my words and wondering to yourself, “When is Marty going to ask me to pray a prayer, confess my sins, and start going to church?”, well, my dear friends, I’m not going to ask you to do any of those things. As I see it, my only job here is to restate the same invitation Jesus of Nazareth extended to those He met on the roads of ancient Israel.

Regardless of who you believe Jesus to be, I know with great certainty that He is extending this open invitation to you today…

“Come, follow Me,” Jesus said. [3]

“Come,” Jesus replied, “and you will see.” [4]

My prayer is that you say ‘yes’ to Jesus’ welcoming invitation today! And as you do, please allow me to share with you two simple stepping stones that many have walked on as you respond to Jesus’ call…

[1] Psalm 34: 8 (NIV)

[2] Mark 9: 24 (NIV)

[3] Matthew 4: 19 (NIV)

[4] John 1: 39 (NIV)

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