Ponder on this…

Despite all the bad you have experienced in your life. Despite all the bad you see in yourself. Despite all the ugly things you’ve said and done in this lifetime. And despite all the bad you have had done to you…at your very core being, the truest thing that can be said about you is that you are very good.

Today’s quote comes from my blog series, And It Was Good. Click here to ponder on the whole series!

4 thoughts on “Ponder on this…

  1. This idea that “I am very good” flies in the face of my programming in church where I was taught that people are basically sinful. That being said, God did create people and said “it was good”. I struggle to renew my mind in that I’m “basically good” when I have been taught that “I’m a sinner by nature”. Any thoughtful helps on this?


    • Ellen. Great to hear from you. Indeed many of us have heard that at our very core we are sinners in need of a Savior. While there is truth in the fact that you and I do need Jesus to wash away our sinfulness, it’s important to know that in the very beginning, God created us and we are “very good” in His sight. One author puts it this way. Where does your narrative begin? Genesis 1 (we are very good) or Genesis 3 (we see our fallen nature). Both are true, but with God’s help, we can put them in right order. First & foremost, God loves you and likes you. Secondly, we’ve all fallen away from that true goodness, but because of Christ we can be redeemed from our sinfulness and be restored to that perfect goodness God has for us. make sense? PRAYING for you dear friend! keep us posted on your journey toward freeom.


      • Hello again- Thank you for this. I am excited to see how God renews my mind and washes away beliefs that are incorrect. It’s nice to know that God doesn’t shame me for my beliefs but meets me where I’m at and molds and shapes me.

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