Chapter Seven: Behind the Curtain.

The Story of Good – Learning to Steward the Good Within.

God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM.” And He said, “Say this to the people of Israel: ‘I AM has sent Me to you.’” ~ Exodus 3: 14 (ESV)

The Spirit continued, “You see, My child,

God, the Creator, is not made of flesh and blood.

When Moses asked Him for a name in the desert,

His response was, ‘I AM WHO I AM.’”

“When you tell people who you are, you say your name.

But in truth, who you are,

Is so much deeper than just your name, correct?”

I nodded.

“Your truest self,” the Spirit continued,

“Is more than your name.”

“Your true essence also includes your body,

Your mind, your spirit.

You are also a culmination of your past experiences,

Your present reality,

And your future hopes and dreams.”

“You are one amazing creation of God.

You are made in the image of the Creator,

And your name is simply a metaphor.

A word used to describe the whole of who you are.”

“So, it is with God. But so much more.”

“When God responds to Moses,

Saying My name is ‘I AM WHO I AM,’

He is explaining that His name is best understood,

When one embraces the broadness of His character.”

“In other words, God, who is Good,

Will be known more completely when one knows His Goodness.”

“The same is true when God’s Word says that God is Love.

When one takes the time to explore the depths of God’s love,

You grow in your awareness that God is, indeed, Love itself.”

“You see, child, in God’s economy,

In His world, in His name, in His nature,

There is no created Evil.

There is only Good.”

“And as We told you,

Pure Good is the greatest power in the universe.

God’s Good has the power to transform life.”

“Good is the power source behind all We say and do.

But when one fails to understand the power of Good,

You set yourself up for a dangerous recipe,

One that allows Good to go sour.”

Ponder on these things:

What words would you use to describe your true self?

Name those things that are the most true about you, especially those things you believe others don’t see.

What feelings are evoked when you focus on the real you?

Over a period of about eight weeks (3 sessions per week), we will take you on a poetic journey (26-sessions) we call The Story of Good. We suggest you bookmark our blog series homepage to keep all the writings in one place for your future reference. Take note that each blog session begins with a short scripture reading. My suggestion is that you don’t hurry through, or skip the text, but treat it as a Lectio Divina reading where you slow down and sit a bit with God’s Word, allowing it to penetrate and influence you as you read. Each session also ends with a few thoughts to ponder on. I look forward to hearing some of your insight as we journey together!

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