December 16th – Advent Day Twenty-One.

LUKE’S CHRISTMAS GOSPEL OF JESUS: A 30-Day Christmas-Time Devotional.

Emotional Outbursts for Jesus!

Luke 1: 46-47 (MsgB)

[46] And Mary said, “I’m bursting with God-news; [47] I’m dancing the song of my Savior God.”

Emotional outbursts.

Here in America, we’ve been taught that there are correct and proper settings for them. And, yes, incorrect and improper settings, as well.

At any typical Hawkeye football game on any given Saturday afternoon in late autumn in Iowa City, for example, we Iowans have all been conditioned to ‘go bonkers’ (to use a theological term) when the Hawks score a touchdown. I’m sure that tradition is true wherever you might attend a sporting event in your area as well. Correct?

But heaven forbid, if you or I might consider doing that same little two-step at church on Sunday morning! In many churches across America, not only would there be a lot of frowns and wrinkled brows, but in some places of worship, they might even call the police if I tried such a maneuver in the sanctuary!

Isn’t it interesting that it’s OK to show extreme emotion when it comes to many secular events, like a football or basketball game, but a cardinal sin if we get a bit rowdy when it comes to the spiritual side of life?

Now, don’t get me wrong, our pursuit of God must include times of quietness and solemn prayer, but, for heaven’s sake, if Mary, the mother of our Lord, is allowed to “burst with God-news” and dance to the song of the Lord, then why can’t our generation join in on the fun?

Wouldn’t it be nice this Sunday morning to go to church and see a few smiling faces for once, and join in with a few folks who are so excited about their eternal salvation and their passionate relationship with Jesus that they just can’t help themselves from doing a little shoutin’ and dancin’ for the Lord?

Maybe the ‘good news’ of Jesus’ advent needs to stir our emotions today a bit more, like it did Mary?

What do you say?

Gimme a J!  Gimme an E! Gimme a S! Gimme a U! Gimme another S?

What’s that spell? JESUS! JESUS! JESUS!

My prayer: Thank You, Lord that our faith in You is meant to draw out a strong passionate response. As we see in Mary, the ability to show emotion, bursting with good news and dancing with sheer joy is biblical! Allow me an increased freedom of expression as I celebrate the joy of my salvation. For Your name’s sake. Amen.

My questions to ponder: So, how have I allowed my faith in Jesus to become dry, crusty and downright boring? Where have I bought into a religious duty that drags me into a lifeless, emotionless walk with Jesus? How can I loosen up my outlook on life, so I might be a bit more like Mary, being free to show my excitement and passion for the things of God?

So what is God speaking to you today? Are you practicing the Kingdom presence of God?

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