Did you know that kneeling is an American tradition?

Might I propose a new approach to the celebration of our flag? Kneeling is a universal sign of humility – a way to honor another outside ourselves. What better way might we both honor those individuals who cry out for social justice and honor our flag by kneeling at the National Anthem? I love what this group of young Iowa men did this week in support of both the flag and the oneness we all desperately need right now.





My fellow Americans…here’s my deep concern. Washington knelt, prayed, and then had to pick up a gun to complete the revolution for freedom. Lincoln prayed that it wouldn’t be necessary for a Civil War to address the issues of slavery. Dr. King prayed that non-violence would be the way forward.

Today, if more of us can join together for a peaceable solution to the real issues of social injustice, we might be able, with God’s grace, to avoid yet another revolution that includes the shedding of blood. Blessed are the peacemakers. As I see it, we need more good-hearted women, men, and children of all color who will work together to find the common ground in the larger majority of Americans, ones who can humble themselves, take a knee, see the validity of the other side’s grievances, and move forward with liberty and justice for all.

Humbly submitted,

Marty Boller

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