Sustainable Faith School of Spiritual Direction


Just a quick update on the progress of our proposed YEAR ONE Sustainable Faith cohorts in Milwaukee, Northern Indiana, and Kansas City for this fall…

Right now, we have applications coming in, (see website) and we are working hard to find a few more interested parties in each city so we can keep moving forward with these fall cohorts. Please be in prayer, let us know if you are interested, and if you know of any others out there in your circle of influence who you know might be blessed by this training, let us know!

We know this is a challenging time for all of us. Returning to “normal” may be a ways off, or who knows?…maybe Jesus has a “new normal” for us going forward. We love what Brene Brown has written about all this…


One thing we do know with certainty, Jesus will still be working in and through His people, teaching us to care for our soul in troubled times and be there for others as well, holding space, for them, offering a safe place where they and Jesus can meet for fellowship.

Here’s a beautiful video (CLICK HERE) that describes this work of “holding space” in spiritual direction.

STAY IN TOUCH! More questions? Email us.

And check out our website for more details…


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