Christmas 2019

christmas to do list

Sandy & I want to extend our warmest wishes for a BLESSED CHRISTMAS to all of you, our dear friends, here at The Contemplative Activist. May your Christmas week be full of peace, joy, warmth, happiness, and goodness, for the greater glory of God!

Between now and Christmas Day, we invite you to check out our many Christmas-themed blogs, podcasts, and blog series. Here is an overview of them!

  Christmas through the Eyes of the Heart. This series, which began on Thanksgiving Day will conclude with our final three blog/podcast posts on Monday, December 23, Tuesday, December 24 (Christmas Eve), and Christmas Day (December 25). To review the entire series of 14 blogs/podcasts, click here!

santa Joy Comes In The Morning. As you celebrate the Advent/Christmas season, enjoy one of our personal favorites, a Christmas-time short story (10 sessions) about the time when Santa Claus, a man who takes his work very seriously, decides to pack it all in and skip Christmas altogether! I guess even ole St. Nick can use a good reminder of what Christmas is all about!

4-1 Let It Be. Fiat Mihi. Over the years, this post has become our most popular blog. Step into the powerful message of Mary, the mother of Jesus, her Fiat Mihi.

psalm47 Handel’s Messiah. Do you know the story behind this great Christmas-time musical masterpiece? Read about the amazing work of God as George Frederic Handel composed and presented his new composition in 1742.

godrestyemerry God Rest Ye Merry. See how one little comma can make a whole lot of difference in what we’re actually trying to convey to others at Christmas time.

Joseph-and-Jesus Joseph, The Stone-Crafter’s Christmas-Time Prayer. Tradition says that Joseph of Nazareth was a carpenter by trade, but most likely, the ‘earthly father’ of Jesus, and his young son, were skilled craftsmen in stone.



Marty & Sandy Boller

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