The Power of Unbridled Belief.


Today’s Reading: “I believe.”

These two simple words just might form the most powerful phrase in all of human history.

As I see it, the power of “I believe” is amazing. For when a person crosses over from being a doubter (I don’t believe) to a believer (I believe), whatever was once impossible, unreachable, and untouchable now becomes a real and distinct possibility.

Just think of it.

When a person gets up enough nerve to stand up in a crowd of scoffers and proudly proclaim, “I believe,” we are experiencing, first hand, one of the most life-changing gifts ever given to mankind…a gift that truly makes life worth living. “I believe,” you see, is an opportunity just waiting to be discovered, a burst of bright sunshine and hope in a world where grey and cloudy are the colors of the day.

Isn’t it interesting that children seem to have the easiest time saying, “I believe,” placing their hopes and imaginations on all sorts of things that we older, more mature folks have long given up on? You see, sadly, as we age, we all tend to move toward the proverbial wisdom that says, “seeing is believing,” restricting our beliefs to only those things that we can touch, taste, smell, hear or see. Yet many would propose that those who live as “believers” (embracing more of a “believing is seeing” attitude toward life) live with the truest meaning and highest purpose.

“I believe” is a true game changer. That’s why most psychologists and therapists teach us that it’s only after we choose to “believe” in something (or someone) when we will actually begin to “see” the realities of those things we’re hoping for!

Call me childish here, but I wonder what good might occur if more of us might return to a “believing is seeing” approach to life, placing the “I believe” experience at the forefront of our lives? Who knows…we just might “see” a big increase of positive things occurring in both our own personal lives and the world around us.

So, before we go any further in the exploration of The Apostles’ Creed, let me ask you a key question…

Are you an unbridled believer?

Are you one who can truthfully say, “I believe?”

Now, let me remind you here. I’m not talking about whether or not you believe in God. I’m simply asking you if you are a believer or not? Got it?

What I’m getting at here is the question, are you open to becoming a believer again? Are you open to letting go of all the “should have’s” and “oughta be’s” so you can become a child once more, with a belief system (a creed) that says, “All things are possible” and “I will see it when I believe it?”

If you’re ready for such a journey into “believing is seeing,” join us next time!

My prayer: Ok, God, I confess it. For much of my adult life, I’ve fallen from the ranks of those who can honestly say, “I believe!” I’ve lowered my expectations in life and believed something only when I can touch it or hold it in my hands. My heart tells me that You want me to be more like a child where “believing is seeing” rather than the other way around. Thank You for Your invitation to become curious again, inviting me to “come and see.”  For Your name’s sake. Amen.

My questions to consider: Am I willing to step outside the adult world where “seeing” or “understanding” must always precede “believing.” What might it look like for me to become an unbridled believer whose imagination allows for all things to be possible in a universe created by a loving, imaginative Creator?

So, what are you experiencing today as we are Contemplating The Creed?

Over a seven-week period, you and I will take a deeper look at The Apostles Creed. In order to keep all the blog sessions organized, we suggest you bookmark our Contemplating the Creed home page for ease of use.

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2 thoughts on “The Power of Unbridled Belief.

  1. I am open to “becoming a believer again”, today, again, this moment, again.
    Continuously laying down my doubts and the things I do not see and Believing The One who tells me, “Believe Me”. Thank you for posting, this dove tailed the time I spent with The Lord this morning. Good stuff, thanks!


    • Julia…in this age where God, the church, and religion all get mashed up into one soupy mess, I encourage you to make it simple once again by simply looking for those things that are good, true, and right. Place your belief in solid truths like faith, hope and love, and I think you’ll be well on your way to “being a believer again”… Keep going! BLESSINGS!


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