Coming on Friday! Join Us!

Coming on Friday, January 5th, 2018…

psalmslogo Contemplating the Psalms

Back in 2013, I first introduced our As I See It readers to my contemplative journey through the Psalms. With three blogs per week (Monday, Wednesday & Friday), it took us nearly one whole year to make it through all 150 Psalms! Since we’ve had a large number of new readers join us since 2013, I’ve prayerfully decided to re-blog this series, and yes, once again, the project will take us until Christmas-time 2018 to complete our journey! I invite you, dear reader, to join us!

Click here to visit our blog home page and find out more details!


Might I suggest that you get yourself a fresh copy of Eugene Peterson’s little booklet, The Book of Psalms. You can order a copy here. This handy little book contains The Message translation of each of the Psalms, and that way, you can keep Peterson’s complete text in front of you as we’re discussing just a few verses from each Psalm in our blog.



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