Kalós Parathéké: The Precious Treasure.

Our Lectio Divina for today:

So keep at your work, this faith and love rooted in Christ, exactly as I set it out for you. It’s as sound as the day you first heard it from me. Guard this precious thing placed in your custody by the Holy Spirit who works in us. 2nd Timothy 1: 13-14 (MsgB)

Kalós is a New Testament Greek word (pronounced ka-loss) which simply means “good.” Kalós (Strong’s 2570) is found, in its various forms, over one-hundred times throughout the New Testament, with Paul using it nineteen times in his two letters to Timothy. Normally used as an adjective meaning good, beautiful, or describing something or someone of great worth, Paul, in 2nd Timothy 1: 14, decided to combine this common adjective with a second Greek word, parathéké (Strong’s 3866), a noun which means a deposit or trust committed to one’s charge. As a result, the apostle ends up with one very powerful phrase! In the original Greek, Paul’s combination of these two words reads as such:

kalēn parathēkēn (Strong’s)

And when this simple couplet in 2nd Timothy 1: 14 is translated into English, we find a glorious array of word options to choose from:

That good thing which was committed unto thee keep by the Holy Ghost which dwelleth in us. (KJV)

Guard, through the Holy Spirit who dwells in us, the treasure which has been entrusted to you. (NAS)

Guard the truth that has been entrusted to you by the Holy Spirit who dwells within us. (RSV) 

Guard [with greatest care] and keep unchanged, the treasure [that precious truth] which has been entrusted to you [that is, the good news about salvation through personal faith in Christ Jesus], through [the help of] the Holy Spirit who dwells in us. (AMP)

You have been trusted with a wonderful treasure. Guard it with the help of the Holy Spirit, who lives within you. (CEV)

Guard this precious thing placed in your custody by the Holy Spirit who works in us. (MSG)

Guard the good deposit that was entrusted to you—guard it with the help of the Holy Spirit who lives in us. (NIV)

Impressive, huh?

So today, we begin a new, ground-breaking blog series that explores in depth the kalós parathéké (kalós, for short), this “good deposit” or “precious treasure” Paul talks about in his two letters to his spiritual son, Timothy. Together, let’s not only look for “the good” (kalós), but let’s also ponder how you and I here in the 21st century, can guard that treasure with our lives, making certain that all we do and say in the pastoral ministry, honors the Master, for the greater glory of God!

See you next time, as we begin, in earnest, Kalós: Guarding the Precious Treasure: A 26-session study in pastoral ministry from Paul’s letters to Timothy. We look forward to hearing from you and all the kalós God is doing in and through your life!


In His Service, Marty Boller

In this 26-session blog series, Kalós: Guarding the Precious Treasure, we explore the kalós, this precious treasure of pastoral ministry that has been deposited into us by the work of the Holy Spirit. We invite you to come along with us, bookmarking this blog’s home page for easy, on-going referencing.

As you go through this blog series, we also suggest that you use the ancient tool of Lectio Divina as you approach each scriptural text we give you in this blog. Lectio Divina is a slow, intentional reading of the Holy Scriptures. Take your time as you ponder the text slowly, allowing the Holy Spirit to illuminate God’s Word for you as you read. Ask the Master as you read, “Jesus, what in this passage do I need to hear today?”

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