24.2 The Enthusiast. Enneagram #7.

24.2 type7

Section Two: The Personal Characteristics of a Godly Life.

Our current theme: Characteristic Four: Being Christ-Actualized.                              

Our reading for today: Isaiah 55: 2 (MsgB)

Why do you spend your money on junk food, your hard-earned cash on cotton candy? Listen to Me, listen well: Eat only the best, fill yourself with only the finest.

We now come to the final Enneagram personality type; The Enthusiast, or sometimes also called The Epicure. The Enneagram #7 is the third type in The Head Triad (#5, #6, #7), where life is a battle of overcoming fears and anxieties, primarily finding a degree of victory by detaching oneself from situations, believing that by protecting oneself from pain, one can ultimately bring safety and security to their lives.

If you recall our earlier posts, The Investigator (Enneagram #5) handles this on-going stress by withdrawing from people and problems, stepping away in order to gain a clearer perspective and less threatening involvement with anyone or anything that might cause pain. The Loyalist (Enneagram #6) deals with their fear and anxiety by laboring diligently to become the person who is overtly responsible and trustworthy, keeping life predictable, thus reducing risk at all costs.

But The Enthusiast (Enneagram #7) takes a bit of a different approach to life’s problems by simply ignoring all fear and anxieties, keeping themselves pre-occupied with any and all activities that will bring instant relief to any thought of pain or suffering. Thus The Enthusiast is the fun-loving, care-free impulsive one who rarely sticks around when the going gets tough, escaping problems but sadly also becoming distracted and exhausted with a busy life-style that keeps them on the run.

The good news is that Jesus and His amazing grace can heal these deep wounds, but sadly very few Enthusiasts actually take the time to embrace the healing and hope that can come through this amazing God-given transformation we call being Christ-actualized.

Take a look at our overview of The Enthusiast and see if any of these qualities sound like you:

THE ENTHUSIAST (Enneagram #7)

The Head Triad: Thinking-oriented, thinking-driven, mentally-centered, decisions from the head, provision-focused. When encountering life, the first reaction is to think and plan. Tends to overthink things before feeling or doing. Fear is always waiting beneath the surface.


#7’s see their fear as something they’ve created through their own actions and attempt to reduce anxiety and fear by living an aggressive, devil-may-care life that maximizes pleasure.

#7’s are extroverted, optimistic, versatile, and spontaneous. Playful, high-spirited, and practical, they can also misapply their many talents, becoming over- extended, scattered, and undisciplined. They constantly seek new and exciting experiences, but can become distracted and exhausted by staying on the go. They typically have problems with impatience and impulsiveness. At their Best: they focus their talents on worthwhile goals, becoming appreciative, joyous, and satisfied.

Adjectives that describe #7: Optimistic, upbeat, charming, caring, exuberant, spontaneous, versatile, joyful, possibility-and-pleasure-seeking, synthesizer of ideas, opportunity-oriented, quick thinker, and adventurous, but also sometimes pain-avoidant, inconsiderate, unfocused, uncommitted, impetuous, authority-rejecting, and self-serving.

Key Motivations: Want to maintain their freedom and happiness, to avoid missing out on worthwhile experiences, to keep themselves excited and occupied, to avoid and discharge pain.

Basic Fear: Of being trapped and in pain.

Basic Desire: To be satisfied and content—to have their needs fulfilled.

#7 struggles with: gluttony/scheming/idealism.

#7’s motto: I am optimistic, happy, and nice.

#7’s response to life: I’m out of here!

#7 strives: to be excited.

#7 avoids: pain.

#7 unconscious childhood message: It’s not okay to depend on anyone for anything.

#7 lost childhood message: I will be taken care of.

#7 true essence: A reflection of joy and abundance.

What will it mean for a #7 The Enthusiast to be Christ-actualized? A mature #7 engages the life-giving heart of a #4: reflective, authentic, moving toward and entering into difficulty. A mature #7 also engages the life-giving instincts of a #1: principled, disciplined, organized, and present.

What does God’s Word have to say to a #7?

Luke 12: 15

Isaiah 55: 3 

Philippians 4: 19

Philippians 4: 12-13

So, are you an Enneagram #7? Does this personality type sound a lot like the way you feel and act in life? If so, take heart. A Christ-actualized #7 can become, by the direction of the Holy Spirit, a man or woman of God who truly becomes a focused, yet fun-loving, servant in a world where optimism and joy are often hard things to find.  A godly #7 no longer is controlled by gluttony and self-serving schemes, but becomes an enthusiastic optimist who can pro-actively encourage and work, in a focused way, alongside others.

My prayer: Your love and grace know no limits. You offer the completion I seek. Gently guide me to my fulfillment, awaiting me when I rest in the calm of present moment. My mind seeks such calm. Empty me now of my obsessive planning and all the ideas that overwhelm me. Allow my energy to deepen me, not scatter me so that I miss out on the gifts offered each moment, gifts that lead to my wholeness. Guide me to my heart, that I may feel not only my joy, but the richness of my sadness. Deep down, I recognize that it is my sadness that I seek, it is limitation I desire. For both bring me home to my deeper self where I find the freedom to be me. Guide me on the path toward reverence. For Your name’s sake. Amen. (thanks to Sandra Smith/AlchemyWorksEvents.com)

My questions to ponder: If I see #7 qualities in my life, which are the most obvious? Where am I subject to the weaknesses found in a #7 and how might I allow the Holy Spirit to work deep within me, transforming these #7 wounds into glorious opportunities of hope?

So what is God speaking to you today as we attempt to live the Christ-centered life?

For more info: https://www.enneagraminstitute.com/type-7/

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