Welcome to The Contemplative Activist!

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re Marty & Sandy Boller. And after 30-plus years in pastoral ministry, we’ve come to the realization that for much of our three decades in ministry, we were addicted to the 3-B’s, measuring our ‘success’ or ‘failure’ in ministry using the following three components:

building size.

bucks in the offering.

butts in the seats. (read more)

But in recent years, through the help of some great pastoral coaching, some excellent tools found in the ancient art of spiritual direction, and the compassionate hand of God, we now believe ourselves to be “recovering” 3-B pastors on our way to becoming Christ-centered 3-C contemplative activists. As we see it, we are joining the ever-increasing rank of pastors, church leaders, and laypeople alike, all Christ-followers forsaking the westernized 3-B corporate approach to faith while re-discovering three key spiritual disciplines associated with both Jesus of Nazareth and the life of the early church:

communion with Christ.

community with others.

commission into our world.

It’s the balanced life we like to call Christ-centered 3-C contemplative activism (read more).

cropped-bollerheadshot1_bwa.jpg Are you looking to find others with that singular desire to live fruitful, Christ-honoring lives; a simple and sustainable faith that is rooted in these ancient spiritual disciplines? If so, maybe you’re ready to join the 3-C reformation (read more)!

We encourage you to peruse our website and enjoy a free subscription to our “As I See It” blog by clicking on the “Follow Blog Via Email” icon. We also invite you to join the growing conversation on how we, in our stressed-out, over-the-top-busy society, can slow down just a bit, take a long loving look at our God, and begin to live out the Spirit-directed life Jesus of Nazareth has intended for all of us to live. We look forward to hearing from you and all God is doing in and through your life!

Marty & Sandy Boller

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