Step 2: Taking Intentional Time


As you continue your journey into Christ-centered 3-C contemplative activism, we suggest you add in Step Two, beginning to slow down your own life, taking extra time for your personal spiritual formation. 

Watch this 35 minute presentation on Becoming Singularly Focused on Jesus.

The care of your soul is vitally important to Jesus, to you, your family, and those who live and work around you. Read more about practicing the ancient spiritual disciplines of…

AsISeeItMight we also suggest you begin your day with one of our devotional studies from our popular As I See It blog series. We publish a new blog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Join with over 2,000 other friends of The Contemplative Activist website who are subscribed to our free blog, by simply going to our home page, scrolling over (or down) to the Follow Blog via Email icon, click, and you’ll be all set to go.

Each one of our blog studies can serve you well as a support piece in your devotional life with Jesus. As you’ll see when you open up one of our pages, each blog begins with a short scripture or reading, some thoughts to consider, and then concludes with a prayer and a question or two for you to ponder. Go slow. Walk at your own pace, inviting the Holy Spirit to join with you as you read and reflect.

Our current blog series…

It’s the Lenten season.

The season of Lent (between Ash Wednesday and Easter) is designed to be a holy, life-emptying journey into Jesus. It’s a season of letting go of worldly things in order to be filled with God. I’ve designed this Lenten study to begin with Jesus’ personal forty-day journey into the wilderness. It’s here Jesus begins His three-year public ministry and as I see it, it’s a great place for any Lenten study to begin as well. After several sessions with Jesus in the wilderness, we fast-forward three years to what is now called Holy Week. Beginning with Jesus’ magnificent procession into Jerusalem, the great majority of our Lenten journey will cover Luke’s complete story of Holy Week. We end, of course, with the trial, the crucifixion, the death, burial, and rising of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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3Don’t take any of these journeys into our “As I See It” blog series alone! One of the best ways to explore the on-going applications found in our blog series is to walk alongside a biblically-based, Christ-centered spiritual director who is familiar with how to make material like this part of your overall spiritual formation in God. Many of our directors in our Sustainable Faith-Heartland network are available to companion you in your journey with Jesus…

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