Sorry…My Blog Boo-Boo’d!


Dear friends of As I See It

Please forgive the email/post that went out to many of you yesterday (July 24) advertising a new blog series on The Psalms.

I was prepping our website for that series (which will start in January 2018) and Boo-Boo, the Boller-man hit the ‘publish’ button instead of the “save draft” button. And now, countless thousands of you (wait…that’s an exaggeration…maybe only 4 or 5 of you) are now wondering why they can’t access this new blog series.

So, I thought to myself…when life gives you lemons (yeah, you know!)…so allow me to share with you our entire lineup of blogs that are coming your way in the coming months. Check out the master webpages (below), bookmark them, and then wait with bated breath!

So here’s our line-up in the coming months on As I See It

Coming Monday, August 21st…

To Lead Or Not To Lead? (click here for more info)

Coming Friday, September 22nd…

kalos Kalós: Guarding the Precious Treasure (click here for more info)

Coming in late November…

Christmas Through the Eyes of the Heart (click here for more info)

And last, but not least, the series that is coming in January 2018…

psalmslogo Contemplating the Psalms. (click here for more info)

We certainly hope you’ll join us along the way!

cropped-bollerheadshot1_bwa.jpg Marty & Sandy Boller

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