Fall Classes are Starting to Fill up!


The Sustainable Faith School of Spiritual Direction is now growing at a phenomenal rate! What was once a small equipping ministry in Cincinnati designed for raising up a handful of church leaders in spiritual direction has now become a multi-dimensional, cross-denominational ministry that rewards its two-year graduates with a certificate reflecting that the student has met the demanding requirements of most spiritual direction professional networks worldwide. One recent report has deemed Sustainable Faith as “the largest spiritual direction training group in North America!”

We invite you to prayerfully consider joining us for a Sustainable Faith Year-One Training Cohort in Spiritual Direction.

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Hey, we have a lot of fun while learning as well!! Above are pics of some of our talented graduating classes over the last two years. Students have joined us from Arkansas, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin!

Here’s what some of our students are saying…

This program has rocked my world in a wonderful way. Thank you for making spiritual direction training accessible!

Marty & Sandy did a great job creating an atmosphere of trust where I felt free to learn, be vulnerable, and put myself “out there.” I’m already looking forward to Year Two.

What an intentional year!  Forming new friendships with members of my cohort; plans for going further in Year Two training; casting vision for networking and professional growth; laughter, tears, and growing closer to our Amazing Father God, Savior Christ, and Holy Spirit.

This has been such an encouragement for me! Marty and Sandy have truly been difference-makers in my life!

I have been involved in men’s ministry for over 15 years. After 9 months of training I have been given a number of new tools that I have already been able to use. The best part is to see God taking men deeper in relationship with Him.  I personally have become a better listener and facilitator of what God is wanting to do in these men’s lives.

Life-changing! This year has opened my eyes and soul in ways so wonderful I didn’t think they were possible.

This year has changed my life! I’m so thankful for Marty & Sandy. They are excellent teachers/coaches and I am excited to travel forward with them in Year Two.

Life transforming. So thankful for all the pieces of this training. Thank you. Thank you. And thank You, Lord.



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