Supporting Pastor Dan MacLeod and His Family

Please help us support Dan & Suzanne! Let’s rally around Dan and Suzanne who need our support through this time of recovery, loss of income and unexpected medical expenses. On Wednesday, October 29th Dan MacLeod was involved in a serious car accident on his way to work. He was taken by ambulance to Hopkins Bayview […]

13 Contrasts Between American and Biblical Christianity by Joseph Mattera

Hey gang…Here’s a must read from As I see it, author Joseph Mattera hits the mark with this one, discussing what Eugene Peterson addressed years ago; the church experience we are so familiar with here in the western world; pegging it “Americanized Christianity”. Read on… It has been evident to numerous biblical scholars that […]

Robin Williams: A Reflection of the One Who Smiles.

The world is abuzz today with the sad news of the sudden loss of one of the world’s funniest men. A disciple of funny-man Jonathan Winters, Robin Williams had the unique gift of making the whole world laugh for 30+ years. My good friend, David Booram, posts this insightful entry today on Facebook: After googling […]